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14 - MLC - Management and Leadership

MLC 111 - Goal Setting, Planning and Decision Making

Code Start Date Duration Venue Fees
MLC 111 26 August 2019 5 Days Istanbul $ 2750 Registration Form Link
MLC 111 23 September 2019 5 Days Istanbul $ 2750 Registration Form Link
MLC 111 21 October 2019 5 Days Istanbul $ 2750 Registration Form Link
MLC 111 18 November 2019 5 Days Istanbul $ 2750 Registration Form Link
MLC 111 16 December 2019 5 Days Istanbul $ 2750 Registration Form Link


Course Description

The level of competition in current business environment requires an increasing focus on practices that assist in setting goals, managing of the planning function and making proper decisions. Businesses and indeed, all organizations, find themselves needing to find more productive methods of planning, more appropriate goals and effective means of making decisions. The course is designed to give participants an understanding of several management methods, processes and procedures.

Course Objectives

  • Understanding and developing skills necessary to set goals and complete work on time
  • Understanding how delegation can be used in setting of goals and planning
  • Considering methods of improving decision making
  • Recognizing internal and external influences on our daily planning and decision making
  • Developing the ability to make higher quality decisions as individuals and teams

Who Should Attend?

  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Anyone who is involved in developing and implementing plans

Course Details/Schedule

Day 1

  • The definition of purpose, vision, mission, values and goals 
  • Understanding of the current status of the organization, team and personal work
  • Setting goals effectively
  • Initial resource requirements
  • Aligning with your values
  • The SMART Goals

Day 2

  • Failure to achieve a goal
  • Achieving the goal
  • Making an Action Plan
  • Planning
  • The reasons for planning
  • Elements of a good plan
  • The reasons that drive people away from planning

Day 3

  • The process and principle planning
  • Assignments, priorities and deadlines
  • The planning cycle
  • How to spot what needs to be done
  • Exploring options
  • Logical thinking
  • Brainstorming

Day 4

  • Identifying key activities
  • Critical path analysis
  • Plan execution tools
  • Evaluation of the plan and its impact
  • Control mechanisms
  • Assessing impact
  • Implementing change
  • Risk management 

Day 5

  • Decision making
  • Decision levels, planning and techniques
  • Business/marketing plans
  • The importance of group skills to achieve team success
  • Empowering the team through delegation and decision making
  • The importance of effective communication in team relations