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ATC 506 - Flight Data Analysis


Course Description

The quality and quantity of information recorded on modern aircraft has made the understanding of flight data analysis the cornerstone of many accident & incident investigations and it is essential to airline safety  programs. This course will touch on many specialized subjects with the intent of giving participants an overview of key issues associated with both flight and voice data.This course covers all aspects of flight data and voice data for both accident investigation and accident prevention. Flight data challenges are independent of whether or not the aircraft is involved in an accident. 

Course Objectives

  • Understanding the main functions in Flight Recorders
  • Learning how to analyze Data Sources
  • Learning how to analyze Audio 
  • Learning how to analyze Flight Animation 
  • Understanding the Radar Data 
  • Understanding the Airport Familiarization
  • Understanding the Image Recording 


  • History of Flight Recorders/Data Replay
  • Early ‘High Tech’ Accidents & Flight Data Issues
  • Crash Survivability
  • Quick Access Recorders
  • Data Sources/Overview
  • ICAO
  • Tail Strike Example
  • Binary data
  • Audio Analysis
  • CVR Case Study
  • Flight Animation Issues
  • Radar Data Examples
  • Airport Familiarization using Flight Data
  • Image Recording
  • Telemetry
  • Evidenced Based Training