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17 - CSM - Public Relations, Communication Skills & Office Management

CSM 111C - Public Relations and Communication Skills (10 Days)

Code Start Date Duration Venue Fees
CSM 111C 19 August 2019 10 Days Istanbul $ 5900 Registration Form Link
CSM 111C 16 September 2019 10 Days Istanbul $ 5900 Registration Form Link
CSM 111C 14 October 2019 10 Days Istanbul $ 5900 Registration Form Link
CSM 111C 11 November 2019 10 Days Istanbul $ 5900 Registration Form Link
CSM 111C 09 December 2019 10 Days Istanbul $ 5900 Registration Form Link


Course Description

In today’s society, public relations professionals are employed in a wide variety of settings in business, government, and nonprofit organizations. The goal of this course is to develop the learner’s creative skills to manage direct strategies of communication and public relations combined with a good digital media campaign’s understanding.

Course Objectives

  • Understanding the principles of Public Relations
  • Learning the different types of news
  • Being familiar with different public relation's campaigns
  • Learning how to distribute news
  • Being able to create a media and public relation campaign
  • Learning how to work with publishers and journalists
  • Learning how to structure a press release 

Who Should Attend?

  • Public relations practitioners
  • Journalists
  • Corporate communication managers
  • Anyone interested to the domain

Course Details/Schedule

Day 1

  • Public relations planning and tools
  • Effectiveness and public relations excellence
  • Comparing public relations and advertising

Day 2

  • Types of public relations
  • Advertising; House ad, Public service announcements and corporate advertising
  • Online communication including internal communication, external communication and web challenges

Day 3

  • Media analysis
  • Defining the target audience sampling
  • Analyzing and reporting finding
  • Creating a media and public relation campaign

Day 4

  • Research and community relations
  • Using internet for public relations research
  • Public opinion and market research

Day 5

  • Ethical and Legal responsibilities or a public relations writer
  • Writing principles and persuasive writing
  • Writing for selected public groups

Day 6

  • Writing for mass media public
  • Writing newsletters, brochures and annual reports
  • Media conferences, interviews and speeches
  • Distributing and spreading out publications 

Day 7

  • Culture differences
  • News release, media alerts
  • International public relations

Day 8

  • The importance of listening
  • Tips to improve listening skills
  • Phone communication skills 
  • Dealing with journalists and publishers 
  • Flexibility 

Day 9

  • Self assessment
  • Non-verbal communication guides
  • Cultural differences
  • Opportunities for creativity in PR

Day 10

  • Public opinion and persuasion
  • Entertainment sports and travel
  • The practice of public relations