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25 - ISO - ISO Management Systems (Standardization)

ISO 112 - ISO 17025 Laboratory Management System

Code Start Date Duration Venue Fees
ISO 112 11 July 2020 5 Days Istanbul $ 3950 Registration Form Link
ISO 112 08 August 2020 5 Days Istanbul $ 3950 Registration Form Link
ISO 112 05 September 2020 5 Days Istanbul $ 3950 Registration Form Link
ISO 112 03 October 2020 5 Days Istanbul $ 3950 Registration Form Link
ISO 112 28 November 2020 5 Days Istanbul $ 3950 Registration Form Link
ISO 112 26 December 2020 5 Days Istanbul $ 3950 Registration Form Link


Course Description

All laboratories need to have sound business processes to enable them to deliver technically sound calibrations and tests to their clients. When a laboratory is seeking to have its competence recognised through accreditation by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service, these processes must also enable the laboratory to meet the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025.

Course Objectives

  • Understanding and interpreting the requirements of ISO 17025 standard with clarity
  • Being familiar with the principles of testing and calibration
  • Being able to develop, implement and maintain management system based on ISO 17025
  • Conducting initial gap analysis at respective organizations
  • Learning how to plan, prepare, conduct, report and follow up an internal audit
  • Understanding how to apply the framework for any type of laboratory, company or culture

Who Should Attend?

  • Supervisors 
  • Managers
  • Executives 
  • Those who are responsible for the technical or quality management
  • Anyone who wish to know more about accredited or applicant laboratories

Course Details/Schedule

Day 1

  • Laboratory structure to ensure integrity and competence
  • Exercise: Organisation chart and report back
  • Quality management system as a framework for the business processes and the role of ISO 17025
  • Exercise: Job descriptions of QM and TM and report back
  • Laboratory facilities
  • Services and supplies

Day 2

  • Ensuring competence: equipment and  personnel 
  • Tenders, contracts and requests – the review process
  • Subcontracting 
  • Ensuring competence – test and calibration methods

Day 3

  • Content of a test method and  validation
  • Exercise continued and report back
  • Documentation and documentation control process
  • Documentation control and content of a procedure and report back
  • Handling of samples and items from customers for calibration and test 
  • Sample/item handling process and booking in of samples/items

Day 4

  • Performance of calibrations and tests
  • Work sheets – open session
  • Management controls
  • Audit programme and test - calibration method audit  and report back
  • Identifying potential and actual non-conforming work

Day 5

  • Proforma production via brainstorming
  • Process of recording and storage and retrieval of records
  • Reporting results to client including opinions and  interpretations
  • Complaints process and records and report back
  • UKAS assessment and the roles of the QM and TM