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101 - World Class Manager (by CPD, London)

Code Start Date Duration Venue Fees
101 13 July 2020 5 Days Istanbul $ 4950 Registration Form Link
101 24 August 2020 5 Days Istanbul $ 4950 Registration Form Link
101 21 September 2020 5 Days Istanbul $ 4950 Registration Form Link
101 19 October 2020 5 Days Istanbul $ 4950 Registration Form Link
101 16 November 2020 5 Days Istanbul $ 4950 Registration Form Link
101 14 December 2020 5 Days Istanbul $ 4950 Registration Form Link


Course Description

World Class Manager aims to build your collective management capability and enhance the performance of your teams, departments and organisation overall. Built on global best practice from 1000s of great managers around the world, World Class Manager is fast- track learning and the 21st century solution for today’s time poor manager and cost constrained world.

Gain over 120 practical, actionable insights and tools to enable you to benchmark your current approach and identify opportunities to enhance performance. Save time through World Class Manager’s highly-focused, time-efficient approach so you can focus on what really matters – your impact as a leader.

World Class Manager (WCM) was launched in fall of 2016 and is now operational in 18 countries. Beside 5 Days Offline Training, it provides a technology-enabled platform of development for managers featuring, a mix of video, workbook and assessment, CPD Certified from London.

Course Objectives

  • Learn ‘best in class’ techniques used by 1000s of great managers worldwide
  • Learn how to get the best out of yourself and the best out of your people
  • Learn how to build a great leadership brand
  • Give your leadership a head start
  • Prepare yourself to be the best leader you can be
  • Learn how to create impact from Day 1 as a leader
  • Benchmark your skills against ‘best in class’
  • Discover new opportunities to enhance your impact
  • Re-define your leadership brand

Who Should Attend?

  • New managers
  • Aspiring managers 
  • Existing managers

Course Details/Schedule

Day 1

  • 21st Century Management
  • Learn how world-class managers create value for the organisation
  • Discover how they create and leverage highly engaged teams
  • See how they excel at customer and stakeholder engagement
  • Great Goal Setting
  • Set goals for the team that align with organisational business goals
  • Break goals down to what’s specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-based
  • Motivate and help team members understand the ‘how and why’ their roles are important, and how it connects to the organisation’s vision
  • Being A Strategic Leader
  • Understand how the CEO, CFO, Marketing Director, Head of Operations, HR, CIO and other senior leaders base their key decisions and why
  • Better understand how to best support and communicate with executives in these positions 
  • Align your team objectives and focus to the strategic needs of senior leadership

Day 2

  • Inspiring Appraisals
  • Construct “appreciative conversations” for the benefit of appraisee and manager
  • What a great ‘one to one’ looks like
  • Create follow-up and reflection to support change
  • Managing Up
  • Understanding your manager’s perspective and needs
  • Acting as better partners to stakeholders – where both needs are met
  • Create adult to adult partnership-based relationships with those that can have a significant influence on your career
  • Understanding Our Customer
  • Better understand the needs of key stakeholders to deliver and even exceed expectations
  • Use empathetic perspective to improve customer experience 
  • Be future focused with an eye to current trends, changing market conditions and new innovations

Day 3

  • Optimising Your Time
  • Prioritise your time to focus on the things that really matter as a leader
  • Deal with overwhelming demands from emails, meetings, and conference calls
  • Regain balance – time to reflect on the big picture and high value activity
  • Better Meetings, Better Results
  • Learn how to create meetings that add value for everyone
  • How to create personal impact in meetings – as a chair or as a participant
  • Best practice into how to prepare, execute and follow up meetings

Day 4

  • Improving Communication
  • Make organisational messaging meaningful to the team
  • Use communication to make others feel connected and valued 
  • Executing leadership’s strategy – making sure there are transparency and understanding of new initiatives
  • Presenting With Presence
  • Get your message across with impact, clarity and presence
  • Understand what an audience needs from a speaker
  • Engage hearts and minds and bring content to life
  • Best in class preparation techniques

Day 5

  • Creating A Stand Out Team
  • The building blocks of creating a standout team
  • The power of visions that align with organizational and personal objectives
  • People engagement driving high performance
  • Developing Me, Developing My Team
  • Become a role model for others on how you challenge yourself towards continual improvement
  • How to better understand the future aspirations of your team members
  • A framework to consider both individual and team development