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4 - OGE-R - Oil & Gas - Reservoir Engineering

OG-R 145 - Simulation of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs

Code Start Date Duration Venue Fees
OG-R 145 15 August 2020 5 Days Istanbul $ 4950 Registration Form Link
OG-R 145 10 October 2020 5 Days Istanbul $ 4950 Registration Form Link
OG-R 145 05 December 2020 5 Days Istanbul $ 4950 Registration Form Link


Course Description

This course will cover the oil recovery mechanisms in fractured reservoirs, which undergo the waterflood or gas cap expansion and gas injection.  How dual porosity reservoirs are modeled with modern numerical simulators and simulation exercises will also be covered.  Participants will also learn about the fundamentals of fractured reservoirs, the geological aspects, and well testing in fractured reservoirs.  Oil recovery mechanisms, advanced topics in dual porosity simulation, and dual simulation of fractured reservoirs with a compositional simulator will also be covered.  The simulation of triple porosity systems will be discussed during the duration of this course.

Course Objectives

  • Developing a dual porosity E100 data set from a single porosity data set
  • Focusing on well testing in fractured reservoirs
  • Discussing of oil recovery mechanisms in fractured reservoirs
  • Learning about diffusion and the discretized matrix model
  • Simulating fractured reservoirs with a compositional simulator and of a triple porosity system

Who Should Attend?

  • Geophysicists,
  • Geologists and reservoir engineers involved in integrated reservoir studies,
  • Geomodelers involved in fractured reservoirs

Course Details/Schedule

Day 1

  • Fundamentals of Fractured Reservoir Fundamentals 
  • Geological aspects
  • Single and network fracture development
  • Developing a Dual Porosity E100 Data Set
  • A simulation of fracture reservoirs

Day 2

  • Well testing in Fractured Reservoirs 
  • Single vs. dual porosity well tests
  • Comparison of Buildup Tests

Day 3

  • Oil Recovery Mechanisms
  • Oil expansion
  • Sudation, gravity forces, capillary forces, diffusion, and convection
  • Advanced topics in dual porosity simulation
  • Simulation of a Single Matrix Block

Day 4

  • Diffusion 
  • Discretized matrix model
  • Alternate gravity drainage model
  • Grid generation in fractured reservoirs
  • Testing and Comparison of Advanced Options

Day 5

  • Simulation of Fractured Reservoirs and Porosity Systems 
  • Compositional simulator
  • Simulation of triple porosity systems
  • Sensitivity Study of Oil Displacement
  • Developing a Dual Porosity E300 Data Set, Sensitivity Study, and Comparison with Single Porosity