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1 - MLC - Management and Leadership

MLC 210 - Board Leadership

Code Start Date Duration Venue
MLC 210 16 October 2023 5 Days Muscat Registration Form Link
MLC 210 20 November 2023 5 Days Cairo Registration Form Link
MLC 210 25 December 2023 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
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Course Description

What sets exceptional leaders apart from others? Among other things, it is an unwavering devotion to improving their leadership skills. This course on leadership skills and principles gives them a rich learning opportunity which takes them well beyond basic leadership skills. In advanced leadership skills and principles, participants delve into such topics as strategic thinking, persuasion skills, motivation skills, empowerment, delegation skills, innovative solutions, creating a learning culture, using stories to motivate and inspire, and leading with questions.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the difference between leadership and management
  • Learn motivation principles to inspire the team to improve performance and increase job satisfaction
  • Build a motivated team that will deliver outstanding results year after year
  • Develop persuasion skills
  • Apply the most appropriate leadership style to each situation
  • Successfully apply leadership to the management role
  • Improve your influence by developing delegation and empowerment skills
  • Enhance your ability to motivate your organization

Who Should Attend?

  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Board Members

Course Details/Schedule

Day 1

  • A review of the basic principles of leadership
  • Definition of leadership
  • Why leadership is people-centric
  • Leadership versus management – what’s the difference
  • The skills and qualities of the leadership role
  • Leadership styles – develop an effective leadership style that works for you
  • Leadership styles according to decision making sharing  
  • Advantage of participation in decision-making?
  • Disadvantages of participation in decision-making? 
  • What is performance equation?
  • The 4d management model:  direct, delegate, develop and deliver

Day 2

  • Leadership and motivation
  • Principles of motivation
  • Motivation is the key to performance improvement
  •  Motivation theories and their application
  • Maslow hierarchy
  • Frederick Herzberg theory
  • Motivation through goal setting
  • Guidelines for setting smart goals
  • What criteria of smart goal?
  • 21 techniques for employee motivation
  • Active listening skills 
  • Power and authority
  • Power of the leader
  • Disadvantage of punishment

Day 3

  • 12 common persuasive techniques 
  • Aristotle rule
  • Socrates persuasion method
  • WIIFM rule
  • The difference between negotiation & persuasion?
  • Ice breaking (rapport)
  • Asking question skills

Day 4

  • Why empowerment & delegation are important?
  • Delegation definitions?
  • Advantage of delegation
  • Disadvantage of delegation
  • Why managers typically do not delegate?
  • What to delegate?
  • To whom you should delegate.
  • Communication to delegate
  • Communication barriers 

Day 5

  • How to provide helpful and effective feedback
  • 7 steps of delegation
  • Empowerment skills
  • Top credo of an empowering manager 
  • Job enrichment & job enlargement 
  • Creating positive relationships
  • 4 skills of leader to influence others 
  • Situational leadership