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20 - MLC - Management and Leadership

MLC 230 - Leadership Excellence Programme "Effective Leadership in a VUCA World" (3 Days)

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Course Description

 In order to be an effective leader in today’s work environments, you must wear multiple hats and bring the right set of skills and attitudes to achieve results.This course provides the experienced manager with the skills to take their leadership to the next level, and an amateur leader the right skills to cultivate their leadership styles with the right guidance. ​Furthermore,this course will discuss in details the leadership in VUCA World (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity).  Our training course can assist in shifting their mindset from relying on set outcomes to thinking of all possibilities in uncertainty and challenging environment.

Course Objectives

  •  Understanding leadership in general and in detailed in the VUCA world
  •  Gaining insight into effective communication for successful leadership
  •  Describing how to manifesting Executive Presence, Gravitas and Charisma
  •  Explaining Emotional Intelligence and the Self-aware VUCA Leader 
  •  Undersatanding change leadership as well as change management

Who Should Attend?

  • Team leaders
  • Supervisors
  • Management professionals
  • All aspiring leaders in any field

Course Details/Schedule

Day 1

  • Introduction
  • The Leadership Challenge
  • Determining the Characteristics of Effective Leaders
  • The Importance of Leadership Self-awareness
  • The Importance of Delivering a Compelling Message
  • Creating an Environment Where People Flourish
  • VUCA: Leadership in the Modern World
  • Providing Effective Leadership in Time of Volatility
  • Providing Effective Leadership to Combat and Control Uncertainty
  • Providing Effective Leadership to gain clarity in ambiguous and complex situations

Day 2

  • Public Communication for Successful Leadership
  • Giving & Receiving Feedback
  • Psychology of Persuasion
  • Creating an Inspiring Vision
  • Solving People Problems 
  • Non-alienation for High EQ Leadership 
  • Developing Leadership Integrity
  • Researching, Designing and Delivering Compelling and Memorable Presentations
  • Manifesting Executive Presence, Gravitas and Charisma
  • The Three Dimensions of Executive Presence
  • Displaying Gravitas and Charisma, Impactful Communication and an Appropriate Appearance
  • Specific Challenges Faced by Female Leaders

Day 3

  •  Emotional Intelligence and the Self-aware VUCA Leader (Part 1)
  •  Understanding Emotional Intelligence & its Components 
  •  Emotional Quotient (EQ) vs. Intelligence Quotient (IQ) 
  •  The Key Components of Emotional Intelligence Link to Leadership
  •  Emotional Intelligence and the Self-aware VUCA Leader (Part 2)
  •  Significance of EQ to Effective Leadership
  •  Importance of Perception
  •  Attitudes & Behavior of Leaders
  •  Consequences of Low EQ to Personal Effectiveness
  •  Removing Emotional Blindspots