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20 - MLC - Management and Leadership

MLC 108 - Knowledge Management

Code Start Date Duration Venue Fees
MLC 108 05 July 2021 5 Days Istanbul $ 3450 Registration Form Link
MLC 108 30 August 2021 5 Days Istanbul $ 3450 Registration Form Link
MLC 108 27 September 2021 5 Days Istanbul $ 3450 Registration Form Link
MLC 108 25 October 2021 5 Days Istanbul $ 3450 Registration Form Link
MLC 108 22 November 2021 5 Days Istanbul $ 3450 Registration Form Link
MLC 108 20 December 2021 5 Days Istanbul $ 3450 Registration Form Link


Course Description

 This course will develop your knowledge and understanding of contemporary theories and practices of knowledge management (KM) by examining the relationship between a theoretical understanding of knowledge management and real-life situations and by integrating different dimensions of knowledge management arising from human resource management, information systems and strategic management. The course will explain the concept of `intellectual capital’ and how it is managed and exploited in organisations. It will demonstrate a critical understanding of knowledge management policies and strategies in organisations that enhance effectiveness. Participants will be able to apply a range of transferable skills including literature search, analytical skills, application of theory to real-life situations, teamwork, motivation and interpersonal skills. 

Course Objectives

  • Explore the different conceptualisations of organizational learning
  • Explain how knowledge management systems can assist in a variety of organizations
  • Understand different ways of thinking about strategy
  • Understand the nature of organizational culture
  • Understand effective ways of implementing knowledge management initiatives
  • Explain the characteristics of the notion of intellectual capital from a historic perspective
  • Contrast differing frameworks and conceptions of intellectual capital

Who Should Attend?

  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Executives
  • Anyone who aspires to hone his knowledge management skills

Course Details/Schedule

Day 1

  • Introduction to Knowledge Management 
  • Knowledge management defenition 
  • Different perspectives on knowledge management 
  • The difference between data, information and knowledge
  • Managing knowledge from ancient times to today

Day 2

  •  Organizational Learning 
  • Individuals' learning styles
  • Teams' learning styles 
  • Organizations' learning styles 
  • The role of politics in organizational learning
  • Change Management 
  • Leadership and change 
  • Change management strategies 
  • Human Resource Interventions in change management

Day 3

  • Knowledge Management Tools 
  • Tools for organising knowledge 
  • Tools for capturing knowledge 
  • Tools for evaluating knowledge 
  • Tools for sharing knowledge 
  • Tools for storing and presenting knowledge 
  • Knowledge Management and organisational Culture 
  • The role of culture in knowledge conversion and creation processes 

Day 4

  •  Knowledge Management Systems 
  • Systems thinking 
  • Drivers of knowledge management systems 
  • Strategic Management Perspectives 
  • Strategic management: schools of thought 
  • Resource-based and knowledge-based view of the firm 
  • Information systems and knowledge management strategy

Day 5

  • Knowledge Management and the Learning Organization 
  • Organizational learning and the learning organization 
  • Dominant models of the learning organization 
  • Power, politics and the learning organization 
  • Intellectual Capital 
  • Commonality among intellectual capital frameworks