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MISC-ON 190 - Hypothesis Development

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Course Description

A hypothesis is a statement that introduces a research question and proposes an expected result. It is an integral part of the scientific method that forms the basis of scientific experiments. Therefore, one needs to be careful and thorough when building a hypothesis. A minor flaw in the construction of a hypothesis could have an adverse effect on the experiment. In this course, you’ll learn how to identify the right questions at the right time, and pair them with the right methods to do just enough testing to make sure you minimize waste and maximize the outcomes you create with your user.

Course Objectives

  • Distinguish between a theory and a hypothesis.
  • Discover how theories are used to generate hypotheses and how the results of studies can be used to further inform theories.
  • Understand the characteristics of a good hypothesis.
  • Developing and writing the hypothesis 
  • Testing the results 

Who Should Attend?

  • Researchers 
  • Anyone interested in the developing a good hypothesis based on scientific principles 

Course Details/Schedule

Day 1

  • The difference between theories and hypotheses
  • Theory testing
  • Incorporating theory into your research
  • Characteristics of a good hypothesis
  • Types of research hypothesis
  • Falsifiability

Day 2

  • Hypothesis formulation
  • Independent and dependent variables in a hypothesis
  • Qualitative method 
  • Quantitative method
  • Deductive and inductive approaches Hypothesis checklist

Day 3

  • Forming a question for a hypothesis
  • Performing background research
  • Creating a hypothesis
  • Designing an experiment
  • Collecting data
  • Descriptive research methods
  • Experimental research methods

Day 4

  • Analyzing the results
  • Importance of a testable hypothesis
  • Components of a hypothesis test 
  • One-tailed and two-tailed test Steps to perform hypothesis testing 
  • Applying statistical hypothesis tests

Day 5

  • Drawing conclusions
  • Communicating the results
  • Write Proposal
  • Submit Proposal