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48 - AFLC - Agriculture, Fishery and Livestock

AFLC 505 - Agriculture Sustainability



Course Description

This course introduces the topic of natural resource sustainability in agriculture and integrates the study of theoretical aspects of agricultural sustainability with both field-based laboratory exercises and hands-on learning of sustainable agriculture practices.

Course Objectives

  • Explaining the origins of agriculture and how pre-historic agricultural land uses influenced the long-term productivity of agro-ecosystems
  • Describing the development and dissemination of modern agricultural technologies and land use practices
  • Defining and describing the structural organization and processing natural and agricultural ecosystems
  • Defining the environmental and social criteria that may be used to determine sustainability in agriculture
  • Describing the principles and strategies that may be used in the design and management of more sustainable farming systems
  • Explaining the differences and similarities of several types of sustainable agriculture
  • Demonstrating an introductory command of soil science terminology and an ability to assess the physical, chemical and biological properties of soils as they relate to soil quality in agricultural systems
  • Defining the major components of sustainable soil fertility management plan and the functional role of each as it relates to soil fertility and pest management

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