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11 - CHM - Chemical and Process Engineering

CHM 112 - Advanced Process Safety and Shutdown Systems in Ammonia & Urea Plants

Code Start Date Duration Venue
CHM 112 15 August 2022 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
CHM 112 10 October 2022 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
CHM 112 05 December 2022 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
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Course Description

Investigations of recent incidents have highlighted the importance of having a clear understanding of the principles of process safety and shutdown systems management throughout an organisation. This must include staff at all levels from board members through engineers and other technical staff to plant and shift lead engineers and supervisors.

This 5 day course covers the fundamentals and aims to provide an understanding of the key principles of process safety and shutdown systems and its management with clear application in the fertilizer industry in particular for ammonia and urea plants.

Throughout the course extensive use will be made of a range of real life case studies and of group discussions.

Course Objectives

  • Improving participant’s safe operational knowledge, skills and attitudes effectively.  
  • Providing an understanding of the key principles of process safety and its management.
  • Sharing the industry experience of various incidents.
  • Realizing the human, environmental and business consequences of poor process safety in Ammonia and Urea plants.
  • Recognizing the key factors influencing the basis for process safety within the fertilizer industry. This includes corrosion, gas leakages, start-up, and shut- down.
  • Improving effectively participants limitations and know how to acquire further knowledge and understanding of process safety and Shutdown Systems management.

Who Should Attend?

  • 1st Line Operation and Maintenance personnel.
  • Process and Operational Engineers
  • Mechanical and Maintenance Engineers and Supervisors 
  • Reliability Engineers and Supervisors
  • Inspection Engineers and Supervisors
  • Instrumentation and Process Control Engineers and Supervisors
  • Safety Engineers and Supervisors  
  • Others involved in the design, operation,  modification or maintenance of Ammonia and Urea process plants

Course Details/Schedule

Day 1

  • Introductions
  • Importance of process safety
  • Legislation, Laws, Economics and  Insurance:
  • Incidents Statistics in the Fertilizer Industry
  • Management Commitment and Leadership
  • Ammonia and Urea technology – the beginning
  • Incidents in Ammonia plants operations
  • Incidents in Urea plants operations

Day 2

  • Introduction to SIS
  • Design life cycle
  • Process control vs safety control
  • Protection layers
  • Safety integrity levels
  • SIS, TPS, ESD, PSD, and USD
  • Introduction to TPS, ESD, PSD, and USD
  • Permissives and interlocks
  • High reliability logic solver

Day 3

  • TPS, ESD, PSD, and USD
  • Failure modes
  • Alarms
  • Redundancy (TMR)
  • Resetting testing and bypassing
  • Documentation and cause and effect drawings

Day 4

  • Hazard identification techniques
  • Safety audit
  • Pilot plants
  • HAZID, SIMOPS  and HAZOP studies
  • SIL studies
  • Dispersion studies
  • Fire and explosion analysis
  • Fault tree analysis
  • Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA)
  • Emergency System Survivability Analysis  (ESSA)
  • Emergency, Muster, Evacuation and Rescue  Analysis (EMERA)
  • Bow-tie Analysis (with ammonia plant case study application example)
  • Ammonia plant Risk Register 

Day 5

  • Models of Operator Error
  • Hindrances and Inability to Function
  • Errors in Observation
  • Errors in Performing Standard Procedures:  Rule-Based Operation
  • Operator Error in the Field
  • Errors in Procedures
  • Human Error Risk Reduction
  • Risk-Reduction Measures for Errors in  Executing Procedures