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44 - MDC - Medical Sciences and Clinical Research

MDC 152 - Cytotoxicty, Genotoxicity and Apoptosis

Code Start Date Duration Venue
MDC 152 25 September 2023 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
MDC 152 20 November 2023 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
MDC 152 11 December 2023 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
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Course Description

This course discusses the fundamental aspects of cell culture, emphasizing how cell structure and function are a vital starting points in the in vitro setting. In addition, it examines the basics of in vitro experiments, what kind of research is done in cell culture. Therefore, this course aims to give the participants theoretical and practical knowledge about the cytotoxicity, genotoxicity and apoptosis at cell culture techniques used for different purposes in the R&D cell culture laboratory. 

Course Objectives

  • Introducing the concepts of cell culture
  • Describing the principles of cell culture techniques
  • Analyzing cell culture techniques
  • Analyzing cytotoxicity methods
  • Analyzing genotoxicty methods
  • Analyzing apoptosis methods
  • Understanding the work of devices in cell culture 
  • Discussing the details of the practical experience about the taught methods

Who Should Attend?

  • Professionals, research assistants and students working in the medical fields (Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine and Basic Sciences)
  • Professionals and students working in the fields of Biochemistry
  • Professionals and students working in the field of cell culture

Course Details/Schedule

Day 1

  • Introduction to cell culture 
  • Sterilization of workflow
  • Advantages and disadvantages of cell culture 
  • Experiment design in cell culture
  • Preparation of media 

Day 2

  • Introduction to the biology of cells in culture
  • Analysis of the morphology of cells
  • Freezing and thawing of cells 
  • Trypsinization procedure
  • Counting of cells by hemocytometer

Day 3

  • Introduction to cell quantification, cytotoxicity and viability, intracellular ROS (CYTOTOXICTY)
  • Seeding of cells in 96-well and 6-well plates
  • Cell viability methods
  • Determination of cell viability  
  • Data analysis

Day 4

  • Introduction to apoptosis and autophagy of cells (APOPTOSIS)
  • Apoptosis by Annexin V
  • Apoptosis by acridine orange/ethidium bromide stain
  • Image acquisition with a fluorescent microscope
  • Data analysis and troubleshooting

Day 5

  • Introduction to Genotoxicity (DNA DAMAGE)
  • DNA damage by Comet Assay method
  • Image acquisition with a fluorescent microscope 
  • Data analysis and calculation of DNA tail
  • Troubleshooting