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43 - HCM - Healthcare Management & Administration

HCM 107 - Hospital Management and Administration

Code Start Date Duration Venue
HCM 107 31 October 2022 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
HCM 107 21 November 2022 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
HCM 107 26 December 2022 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
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Course Description

This training course helps participants to advance their career in medical administration. They'll gain a firm grasp of medical and scientific terms used day-to-day in hospitals, GP surgeries and other medical settings. In this course, participants will gain the skills to communicate effectively and manage staff, processes and healthcare resources at all levels.

Course Objectives

  • Understanding roles and responsibilities to be followed for medication reminders, medication assistance and medication administration
  • Being familiar with skills and knowledge needed for medication administration
  • Appropriate training for the caregiver to ensure safe medication administration
  • Discussing current health care delivery system as it relates to the economics, accessibility and overall health of the population 

Who Should Attend?

  • Doctors
  • Health managers
  • Those who are working in a primary care and social care environments
  • Those who are interested in a career in administration
  • Those seeking to familiarize themselves with hospital management health administration

Course Details/Schedule

Day 1

  • Challenges of health and hospital administration in the new millennium
  • Administration of hospital services
  • Administration of out-patient services

Day 2

  • Promoting health through hospitals
  • Hospital and private practice
  • Reproductive and child health services
  • Referral systems

Day 3

  • Nursing services
  • Ward administration
  • Administration of operation theaters

Day 4

  • Manpower planning
  • Material management
  • Records management

Day 5

  • Quality Control (QC)
  • Doctor/Nurse patient relationship from QC perspective
  • Doctors and consumer protection act
  • Hospital administration during disaster