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34 - TCM - Telecommunications Technologies

TCM 143 - Tower Climber and Rescue

Code Start Date Duration Venue
TCM 143 04 December 2023 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
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Course Description

 A tower climber is a professional who can inspect, maintain, and repair work on cell towers. These include guyed, self-supporting towers, monopoles, and other tower systems that require regular inspection and maintenance. Cell tower climbers work a hazardous role, but this is a profession in demand in today's digital era.Our training course will train participants to access protected areas.It is tailored for those who work at height on telecommunication masts, towers, and aerial platforms, who are in a position of responsibility, and who must be able to respond to emergencies in this challenging environment or to coordinate and/or implement written rescue procedures for their organization.This training focuses on providing the competent person with a depth of knowledge of the compliance requirements for implementing fall protection and fall rescue systems on the jobsite. Competent climbers will also gain a strong foundation in rescue procedures and communication protocol in alignment with industry best practice.


Course Objectives

  • Understanding the structure of towers and how to climb them safely
  • Learning how to assess and deal with risk and hazards
  • Gaining Insights into rescue plan and techniques
  • Understanding Fall protection systems management
  • Getting information about Radio Frequency (RF) which is commonly found on tower


Who Should Attend?

  • Tower Climbers
  • Wireless service technicians
  • Field technicians
  • Cell site technicians and engineers

Course Details/Schedule

Day 1

  • An introduction to working on communications towers/structures
  • Health and safety legislation and standards
  • The dangers of work at height
  • Scope and remit for the Basic Climber
  • Personal Protective Equipment – inspection, use and care
  • Access ways – protected & unprotected
  • Climbing techniques in exposed locations

Day 2

  • Fundamental Theories and Principles of Fall Protection
  • Fall arrest systems (including Temporary fall arrest systems)
  • Fall Protection Hardware Compatibility
  • Risk assessments
  • Assessing hazards 
  • Implementation of effective controls
  • Tower rescue kits
  • Anchor point selection

Day 3

  • Basic Rescue Theory
  • Pre-Climb Checklists and Rescue Plans
  • Rescue Systems Components
  • Rescue off an access way
  • Rescue from lanyards
  • Casualty care
  • Recognise and deal with syncope (suspension trauma)
  • Rescue Kit

Day 4

  • Rooftop hazards and control measures
  • Safe use of ladders (fixed & portable)
  • Ladder Climbing Devices
  • Edge protection
  • Work restraint systems
  • Basic understanding of RF energy definition
  • What is non-ionisation radio frequency radiation

Day 5

  • Effects on the human body
  • Exposures to RF - Hazard areas and signage
  • Procedures to take if exposure is suspected
  • Using a commercial RF monitor.
  • Instrument Operation & Scaling  
  • First Aid at Height  
  • Basic Tower Climber and Rescue is MATS accredited