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LONG 101 - Successful Supervision (4 Weeks)

Code Start Date Duration Venue
LONG 101 23 October 2023 4 Weeks Istanbul Registration Form Link
LONG 101 04 December 2023 4 Weeks Istanbul Registration Form Link
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Course Description

Outstanding supervisors can create a profound ripple effect in their organizations. Their behavior, integrity, and treatment rubs off on others for the better. Not only do supervisors directly impact their team members, but they indirectly affect others. The people they supervise and manage frequently move on to lead others, often in a way that emulates how they were supervised. This course covers the essential skills mastered by successful supervisors. 

Course Objectives

  • Learning how to gain the credibility
  • Getting the most of the team
  • Learning skills to help take decision easily
  • Learning how to communicate effectively
  • Organizing times and priorities to minimize delays and stress

Who Should Attend?

  • Supervisors
  • Future managers
  • Anyone in the position of leadership 

Course Details/Schedule

Week 1

  • Understanding your primary supervisory role
  • Management’s “Residual Rights” – what it is
  • Core Supervisory Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Time-Management Skills
  • Technical Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Judgmental Skills

Week 2

  • How supervision influences employee loyalty
  • Using Discipline as a Management Tool
  • Consistent treatment vs. identical treatment
  • How to develop discipline guidelines
  • Principles of progressive discipline
  • Mitigating and aggravating factors
  • How to properly document issues

Week 3

  • Becoming a Successful Supervisor
  • The supervision agreement or contract
  • Task assistance
  • Personal and professional development
  • Emotional support
  • Promoting reflection and critical thinking
  • Managing performance and challenging practice
  • Monitoring the quality of supervision

Week 4

  • Effective supervision in a variety of settings
  • Identifying Root Causes of Performance Difficulties
  • Reasons why employees do not perform up to standard
  • Why managers fail to recognize poor performance
  • Building a Self Motivated Team
  • How to deal with employee issues in a positive way
  • How to utilize each employee’s strengths to complement the team
  • What extrinsic and intrinsic factors motivate employees
  • How to quickly assess your employees so that you can maximize their potential