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49 - LONG - Long-Term Programs

LONG 240 - Fire-Fighting and Occupational Safety

Code Start Date Duration Venue Fees
LONG 240 15 August 2021 1 Parts Istanbul $ 76700 Registration Form Link
LONG 240 12 September 2021 1 Parts Istanbul $ 76700 Registration Form Link
LONG 240 10 October 2021 1 Parts Istanbul $ 76700 Registration Form Link
LONG 240 07 November 2021 1 Parts Istanbul $ 76700 Registration Form Link
LONG 240 05 December 2021 1 Parts Istanbul $ 76700 Registration Form Link


Course Description

Fire-fighters work under constantly changing and often unstable environments. A burning building with occupants in need of rescue may lack its normal structural integrity and means of access such as stairs or lifts may be compromised by the fire. The work is also often strenuous and many situations will require the use of specialized personal protective equipment. This course discusses different hazards to which fire-fighters may be exposed in the course of their normal work, and adds recommendations for maintaining a safer and convenient environment for them. 

Course Objectives

  • Formulating health and safety policy for the operational environment
  • Organizing for the safe delivery of operational activities
  • Planning and implementing operational policy
  • Monitoring and measuring performance
  • Ensuring the communication of safety critical information and other throughout the organization
  • Meeting the minimum standard of competence in elementary first aid

Who Should Attend?

  • Firefighter 
  • Officials at fire-fighting authority 


  • Challenges for Fire and Rescue Authorities
  • Operational realities and expectations
  • Operational discretion and professional judgement
  • Incident command: competence
  • Ensuring effective control of crews
  • Communications
  • Fire behavior and ventilation
  • Heat stress
  • Basement firefighting
  • HSE policy
  • Introduction to hazards faced by fire fighters 
  • Thermal hazards 
  • Chemical hazards 
  • Psychological hazards 
  • Health effects 
  • Acute effects 
  • Chronic health effects 
  • Ergonomic issues 
  • Occupational health
  • Noise
  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Stress
  • Fitness and performance capacity 
  • Preventive measures
  • Specialist Firefighting
  • Airport Rescue and Firefighting Services
  • Maritime Fire and Rescue Services and Shipboard Firefighting
  • Application of HSW Act to Firefighting at Sea
  • Elementary first aid
  • Emergency treatment 
  • Positioning a casualty
  • Applying resuscitation techniques
  • The rescue and transport of a casualty
  • Taking all necessary and appropriate precautions
  • Health and safety advice and training in the fire service
  • Inspection of fire service
  • Inspection Protocol
  • Inspection of Fire Service training activities
  • Inspection of Fire Service operational activities
  • Safety of inspectors
  • Welfare at incidents
  • Planning for welfare and well-being at incidents
  • Managing traumatic events at incidents