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LONG 514 - Business Communication and Public Relations (26 Weeks)

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Course Description

The Diploma in Business Communication and Public Relations teaches how to develop and implement communication programs, manage an organization’s reputation in the market, and identify and analyze the issues involved in implementing public sector information campaigns. Graduates will be able to relate effectively with the media, work in the social context within which communication disciplines are practiced, and apply appropriate ethical standards to their professional performance. This is an excellent qualification for communication professionals who want to advance their career, and for students training for communication, legal, management and IT careers. Graduates will be equipped to work in corporate communication, public sector communication, public relations, employee communication and online communication.

 Note:"The minimum number of participants to conduct this course is 3 person"

Course Objectives

  • To understand and apply theoretical principles and practical skills in managing the activities of professional public relations
  • To understand and have a working knowledge of business and organizational communication management and culture
  • To communicate and write effectively in a variety of contexts and for a variety of audiences, developing writing and tactical skills in strategic communication
  • To learn how to plan and implement strategic communication plans
  • To manage the legal and ethical communication processes involved in issues and crisis management
  • To maintain a working knowledge of media management, especially social media, in contemporary public relations practice

Who Should Attend?

  • Managers  
  • Supervisors  
  • Businessmen
  • Individuals with several years of public relations work experience looking for professional development and advancement 
  • Students with a background in journalism, communications and public relations
  • Anyone who aspires to increase his knowledge in this field

Course Details/Schedule

Week 1

  • Concepts and roles within business communication and public relations
  • Scope and framework of public relations
  • Situation analysis
  • Objectives and measurement of communication effectiveness
  • Public relations strategy and tactics

Week 2

  • The nature of public relations
  • Organizational culture and change
  • Public relations tools and skills
  • Developing best practices
  • Communication theories
  • Writing for public relations
  • Building and managing corporate image
  • Events management
  • Crisis management in public relations
  • Securing the sponsorship of events
  • Monitoring and evaluating public relations activities

Week 3

  • Contemporary theories of, and approaches to, public relations in key areas including corporate social responsibility and employee relations
  • Ethical and rhetorical issues as these arise in the development and deployment of public relations strategies and tactics

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