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LONG 518 - Office Management Skills (8 Weeks)

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Course Description

This special program is an opportunity for the participants to update their knowledge in Office management:

Office Management Skills section covers several areas in the office management skills. It will help you develop an assertive and organized approach to managing people and processes in your office, to facilitate harmonious and productive working. It includes key management skills and planning techniques to improve information flow and achieve objectives


Course Objectives

  • Apply assertive communication and problem-solving skills
  • Apply techniques to plan and manage workload effectively and achieve objectives
  • Understand the range of responsibilities and skills required by the office manager
  • Apply various approaches when dealing with the management of tasks, teams and individuals
  • Create and apply a checklist of systems and procedures to aid the smooth running of the office

Who Should Attend?

  • Managers
  • Supervisor
  • Who regularly takes on office management responsibilities
  • Those who are in existing office management positions
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