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MCP 507 - Core Solutions of Microsoft® Exchange Server 2013

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Course Description

In this course, students will learn to configure and manage a Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 messaging environment. This course will teach students guidelines, best practices, and considerations that will help them optimize their Exchange server deployment. Course 20341 is an instructor-led course and will provide you with the knowledge and skills to plan, install, and manage the mailbox role, client access, transport, and Exchange infrastructure.

Course Objectives

  • Plan and perform deployment and management of Microsoft® Exchange Server 2013.
  • Plan a Mailbox server deployment and configure the Mailbox server role.
  • Create and manage various recipient objects in Exchange Server 2013.
  • Plan and deploy Client Access servers.
  • Plan and configure client connectivity to Exchange Server 2013 Client Access server.
  • Plan and configure message transport.
  • Plan and implement high availability.
  • Plan and implement disaster recovery for Exchange Server 2013.
  • Plan and configure message security options.
  • Plan and configure administrative security and administrative auditing.
  • Monitor and troubleshoot Exchange Server 2013.

Who Should Attend?

  • IT and security professionals
  • IT managers and consultants who want to learn about Exchange Server 2013
  • IT professionals who are looking to take the exam 70-341A

Course Details/Schedule

Day 1

Module 1: Deploying and Managing Exchange Server 2013

  • Describe Server 2013 prerequisites and requirements.
  • Deploy Exchange Server 2013.
  • Manage Exchange Server 2013.

Module 2: Planning and Configuring Mailbox Servers

  • Understand Mailbox server role.
  • Plan Mailbox server deployment.
  • Configure Mailbox servers

Module 3: Managing Recipient Objects

  • Manage Exchange Server 2013 recipients.
  • Manage Exchange recipients
  • Manage address lists and policies on Mailbox server role.

Day 2

Module 4: Planning and Deploying Client Access Servers

  • Plan Client Access server deployment.
  • Configure the Client Access server role.
  • Manage Client Access services.

Module 5: Planning and Configuring Messaging Client Connectivity

  • Understand the client connectivity to Client Access server
  • Configure Outlook Web App.
  • Plan and configure mobile messaging.
  • Configure secure Internet access for Client Access server.

Day 3

Module 6: Planning and Configuring Message Transport

  • Understand message transport.
  • Plan and configure message transport.
  • Manage transport rules.

Module 7: Planning and Implementing High Availability

  • Explain how to add custom domains to Office 365 and customize these domains to the organization’s requirements. 
  • High Availability on Exchange Server 2013
  • Configuring Highly Available Mailbox Databases
  • Configuring Highly Available Client Access Servers

Day 4

Module 8: Planning and Implementing Disaster Recovery

  • Plan for disaster mitigation.
  • Plan and implement Exchange Server 2013 backup.
  • Plan and Implement Exchange Server 2013 recovery.

Module 9: Planning and Configuring Message Security Options

  • Plan messaging security.
  • Implement an antivirus solution for Exchange Server 2013.
  • Implement an antispam solution for Exchange Server 2013.

Day 5

Module 10: Planning and Configuring Administrative Security and Auditing

  • Configure role-based access control.
  • Configure audit logging.

Module 11: Monitoring and Troubleshooting Exchange Server 2013

  • Monitor Exchange Server 2013.
  • Maintain Exchange Server 2013
  • Troubleshoot Exchange Server 2013.ate and identify causes of Office 365 service interruption.