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20 - CCE - Construction, Civil and Marine Engineering

CCE 132 - Damage Assessment and Rehabilitation Of Concrete Structures

Code Start Date Duration Venue
CCE 132 23 October 2023 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
CCE 132 20 November 2023 5 Days London Registration Form Link
CCE 132 18 December 2023 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
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Course Description

A large number of concrete structures are deteriorating, often prematurely, and need remedial measures to reinstate their safety and/or serviceability. Consequently, the need for repair and protection has grown considerably in recent years. While costs associated with repair of deteriorating concrete structures can be substantial, costs resulting from poorly designed or executed repairs may be even higher.

The technical and economic success of repair projects depends on a range of factors, including a proper condition assessment of the structure, design and execution of remedial measures, and design and implementation of maintenance strategies.

Course Objectives

  • Providing tools to assess the serviceability and the life span of concrete structures
  • Evaluating the actual capacity of the structure versus life span and life cost
  • Defining the best strategy for assessment and rehabilitation of concrete structures
  • Providing participants with a fundamental and practical understanding on condition assessment of concrete structures and concrete repair and strengthening methods

Who Should Attend?

  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Construction  professionals

Course Details/Schedule

Day 1

  • Building Assessment
  • Introduction to Mature Structure and Understanding Statically System
  • Codes and Standard Features
  • Inspection and Evaluate the Buildings by Different Methods
  • Visual Inspection Criteria
  • Inspect the Building Using New Techniques
  • Using Ultrasonic and Infrared for Inspection
  • Evaluate the Building Risk
  • Diagnoses the Reason of Deterioration

Day 2

  • Problems in Design, Materials and Construction
  • Concrete Materials Problems
  • Construction Ways Affect Concrete Durability
  • Design Error Affect Structure Integrity
  • Errors in Soil Investigation
  • Error in Design Foundation
  • Error in Foundation Constructions

Day 3

  • Properties of Protective Coating
  • Selecting the Materials Repair
  • Step by Step Repair Procedure
  • Methods of Protection
  • Corrosion and Protection of Steel Structure in Concrete
  • Protection of Reinforcing Bars
  • Comparison between Different Type of Protection
  • Materials used to Repair Corroded Structure
  • Methods of Repair
  • Using Polymer Bonding Materials

Day 4

  • Methods of Repairing the Cracked Structure Corrosion
  • Properties of these Materials
  • Ways of Using Steel Sections in Repair
  • Types of Cracks in R. C. Structures
  • Comparison between Different Cracks
  • Reasons for Each Type
  • Methods of Repair and Prevent for Each Type
  • Define the Method of Repair
  • From Inspection and Analysis Predict the Structure Lifetime

Day 5

  • Maintenance Strategy
  • CFRP Design and Applications
  • Likelihood of Building Failure
  • Define the Consequences of Failure
  • Provide Risk Matrix
  • Maintenance Plan and Strategy
  • Maintenance Plan based Economic Cost
  • Software for Maintenance Strategy