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28 - DMS - Data Mining and Statistics

DMS 401 - Survey Design & Data Analysis with Data Mining

Code Start Date Duration Venue Fees
DMS 401 19 June 2021 5 Days Istanbul $ 3950 Registration Form Link
DMS 401 14 August 2021 5 Days Istanbul $ 3950 Registration Form Link
DMS 401 11 September 2021 5 Days Istanbul $ 3950 Registration Form Link
DMS 401 09 October 2021 5 Days Istanbul $ 3950 Registration Form Link
DMS 401 06 November 2021 5 Days Istanbul $ 3950 Registration Form Link
DMS 401 04 December 2021 5 Days Istanbul $ 3950 Registration Form Link


Course Description

Data mining is the process of extracting patterns from large data sets by connecting methods from statistics and artificial intelligence with database management. Although data mining is a relatively young and interdisciplinary field of computer science, it involves analysis of large masses of data and conversion into useful information. This course will discuss: which data can be mined and used to enhance businesses, data patterns which can be visualized to understand the data better, the process, tools, and its future by modern standards. The course provides the background, knowledge, tools, and critical thinking skills to build and conduct a successful survey program from start to finish. It will also focus on the design and implementation of social surveys. 

Course Objectives

  • Knowing the usefulness of data mining in different businesses
  • Introducing to data mining, its advantages and disadvantages
  • Being aware of the importance of visualizing data
  • Understanding the integrated processes of designing and conducting quantitative survey research projects
  • Giving participants experience of grappling with problems in the design of surveys and ways of detecting, controlling and minimising errors in the survey process.

Who Should Attend?

  • IT Professionals
  • IT managers
  • Data analysts
  • Engineers 
  • Data Scientists
  • Functional Analytic Practitioners
  • Anyone planning to become more effective in survey design and data analysis

Course Details/Schedule

Day 1

  • Knowledge Discovery in Databases ( Intro, Definition, and Techniques)
  • Introduction to Data Mining
  • Definition of Data Mining 
  • Styles of Learning
  • Advantages and disadvantages in Data Mining  

Day 2

  • Minable Data
  • Minable Information 
  • Visualizing Data Patterns
  • Orienteering 
  • Why Visualize?
  • Trusting and understanding a Model  

Day 3

  • What Can Data Mining Do?
  • Types of Data Sets
  • Data Mining Process
  • Data Mining Tools
  • Data Mining Techniques   

Day 4

  • Database Marketing
  • Merchandise Planning
  • Card Marketing
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Product Production
  • Warranties
  • Future of Data Mining 

Day 5

  • Probability Theory & Sampling Theory
  • Fundamentals of Survey Methodology
  • Data Collection Methods in Survey Research
  • Questionnaire Design
  • Attitudes and Public Opinion 
  • Survey Management
  • Total Survey Error