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21 - TTC - Transportation and Traffic Control

TTC 149 - Railway and Metro Track Design

Code Start Date Duration Venue
TTC 149 13 November 2023 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
TTC 149 04 December 2023 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
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Course Description

The railway is an alternative means of transport to the car, and is being promoted due to the saturation of the road networks. The construction of new underground, railway and metro lines is clearly on the increase. This course aims at providing the necessary information needed in designing these systems starting from determining the locations of the stations and the operating scenarios. It also discusses multidisciplinary design of the stations and depot area, and prepation of the construction plans of the selected route. It introduces participants to the most crucial activity to be undertaken during track desing such as determaining the correct dimensions to be used for the track gauge and wheel gauge. 

Course Objectives

  • Presenting an overall summary of the maintenance principles of track systems in metro
  • Understanding metro rail dynamic system design
  • Learning about soil-structure interaction
  • Discussing railway alignment design and geometry
  • Maintaining safe and efficient ways of metro track design

Who Should Attend?

  • Project Design Team Members
  • Engineers 
  • Managers

Course Details/Schedule

Day 1

  • Railway/ metro track superstructures definitions
  • Summary of a route selection and route design for metro/ rail systems 
  • General construction scenario of track systems 
  • Pedestrian walkways 
  • Rail fasteners general definitions

Day 2

  • Alignment design
  • Vertical and horizontal alignment 
  • Gabary width selection
  • Static and dynamic gabary 
  • Station and tail line design 
  • Track spacing

Day 3

  • Track and wheel gauges and flangeways
  • Summary of systems 
  • Gauge measurement determination 
  • Track stiffness and modulus of various track types
  • Vehicle and speed factor in design of tracks 

Day 4

  • Rail cant and wheel taper design
  • Rail grinding and profile design
  • Tolerances
  • Guarded curves design
  • Important aspects in a different mode of transport LRt and tram or metro

Day 5

  • Noise and vibration control systems approach and design
  • Summary of track stiffness and modulus of various track types insulation approach
  • Important factors considerations in rail structure design and aquatics 
  • Technology in railway design ansis software
  • Bim in metro track design