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17 - TTC - Transportation and Traffic Control

TTC-ON 200 - Transportation Pooling

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Course Description

Transport pooling allows partners to benefit from several advantages that lead to green and sustainable transport, integrating sustainable development objectives. Pool distribution increases speed to destination and lowers overall costs.  The concept is simple; instead of ordering individual less-than-truckload (LTL) deliveries to multiple stores or destinations, the pool distribution method collects truckloads of freight at a strategically located distribution point.  That pool point then combines multiple deliveries into one truck and delivers them to geographically routed destinations.

Course Objectives

  • Provide a larger range of shipping solutions
  • Reduce the volatility of earnings that accrues from a wider range of revenue sources
  • Reduce CO2 emissions and provide environmental friendly service
  • Find organic truck sharing opportunities with other customers

Who Should Attend?

  • Supply chain management staff 
  • Distribution centers staff 
  • Anyone who is interested in the topic 

Course Details/Schedule

Day 1

  • What is transport pooling?
  • The benefits of pooling distribution
  • Capabilities of advanced pool distribution
  • How pool distribution works
  • Organizational schemas in collaborative freight transportation

Day 2

  • Typical pool structure
  • Pool consolidation Data required
  • Modeling a logistics pooling strategy
  • Model formulations

Day 3

  • Scenarios development
  • Understanding shipment information
  • Assumptions & parameters
  • Solution algorithm
  • Tracking shipments

Day 4

  • Inventory management
  • Vehicle routing optimization
  • Analysis of the location
  • Warehouse location and product flow
  • Vehicle loading ratio

Day 5

  • Financial impact of pooling
  • Parameters & performance indicators
  • The obstacles to logistics pooling
  • Push-pull strategy
  • Postponement