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7 - OGE-E Oil & Gas - Exploration

OGE-E 110 - Wireline Logging and Perforations Operations

Code Start Date Duration Venue
OGE-E 110 23 October 2023 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
OGE-E 110 18 December 2023 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
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Course Description

This wireline logging and perforations  short course covers a wide range of  wireline logging operations and measurement  while drilling  and perforations. The first  two  days  cover  the open hole  logging (PEX. LDL.CNL,GR, CALPER .SP.PI) and measurement while drilling (MWD and LWD) and the modern open hole logging (analysis  behind casing ABC).

The remaining three  days   cover cased hole logging.(PLT. PSP.TDT  USIT.RST.CBL/VDL. GR/CCL) and perforations, tubing punch and running  PKR and plugs. 

Course Objectives

  • Understanding of the basic wireline   logging  measurement  and interpretation  methods  
  • Understanding  of the basic  of measurement while drilling and logging while drilling  and their applications 
  • Learning  the basic of open hole logging  and the new modern logging
  • Getting to know of basic  cased hole logging  and quick look interpretations  
  • Exploring perforations  and their technology 
  • Dicussing basic data for logging programme preparation 
  • Understanding  the duties and responsibilities  during wireline logging and perforations  operations 
  • Aquiring knowledge of the new ways  for the open and cased hole logging 

Who Should Attend?

  • Entry–level Well Site Geologists
  • Wireline Logging Supervisors Geophysicists
  • Production Engineers
  • Well Services Supervisors 

Course Details/Schedule

Day 1

  • General topics   GR and  resistivity  measurements
  • Requirement  for  wire line  and MWD and LWD measurement
  • Basic  applications  of  wireline logging   and MWD.LWD  for well completion
  • Use GR  for geological  interpretation and determine  of porosity 
  • Use NGS  in determine  the sedimentary  environment
  • Use GR for correlation  with other wells  and top formations  determination
  • Us SP for  geological  interpretations and determine  RW
  • Conductivity  log  and derivation of Rmf  and formation  temperature
  • Resistivity  measurements   to determine  RT. Rxo and invasion profile
  • Depth measurements  and control
  • Oaliper  measurement
  • Identification of potential zone using GR and RESISTIVITY 

Day 2

  • Porosity and Density (Lithology  measurements )
  • Measurements  for determination of  porosity  and density  and mineralogy /lithology 
  • Prossplot  methods  for  porosity  and lithology  determination
  • Linking  resistivity  with porosity  and mineralogy  measurements
  • Determination  of water  saturation  in virgin  and flushed  zone
  • Pressure  measurements
  • Nuclear  Magnetic  Resonance  Measurement
  • Permeability  determination  from logs
  • MWD measurement  while drilling  and LWD  logging while  drilling
  • Computer  log interpretation  method 

Day 3

  • Cased hole logging
  • Why we need for  cased hole logging
  • PLT logging ( production logging  tool)  
  • TDT and  RST Logging (reservoir  saturation  tool)
  • USIT Logging  (ultra  sonic tool )
  • Log quality control
  • Shaly  sand  interpretation
  • Log interpretation   in thin  Sand/ Shall  sequences
  • Log  applications in Shall –oil/gas  formations
  • Log  interpretation in complex  carbonate  reservoir  

Day 4

  • CBL/VDL Logging  .
  • Overview  of different  approaches  of  cement  bond  evaluating
  • USIT LOG : Overview of casing and tubing  corrosion
  • Set FB-1 packer  with electrical wire line
  • Set MPBT  plugs for  cement plugging
  • PLT logging interpretation 
  • TDT /RST  log interpretation 
  • Production  logging  in horizontal  wells 

Day 5

  • Perforations
  • Introduction to perforations
  • Correlations and  reference log and correlation log
  • Initially perforations and re perforations  and add perforations
  • The gun and explosive charges
  • Casing perforation and tubing perforations
  • Tubing puncher
  • Safety  and precaution during logging and  perforation