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ONL 107 - Biotechnology for Petroleum Industry

Code Start Date Duration Venue
ONL 107 16 December 2020 1 Days Online Registration Form Link


Course Description

The Sahara Training Biotechnology Course introduces participantsto both the academic study of biotechnology and its exciting practical applications in the real World (Waste Treatment Processes at Petroleum Industry). This fast-growing area of modern science has the potential to fundamentally alter how we produce food, treat disease and create medicines. Topics covered include genetics, drug resistance, pharmaceutical science, biotechnological devices.

Course Objectives

  • Overview of the history of molecular biotechnology
  • Understand the applications of molecular biotechnology in oil industry 
  • Discuss the components of Recombinant DNA
  • Learn how Bioinformatics can contribute to human welfare 


Who Should Attend?

  • Professionals working in the industrial sector
  • Professionals working in the fields of Molecular Biology and Bioengineering


  • The development of molecular biotechnology
  • DNA,RNA and Protein Synthesis
  • Recombinant of DNA Technology
  • Bioinformatics,Genomics, and Proteomics
  • Synthesis of Commercial Products by Recombinant Microorganisms