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27 - SLM- Sales and Marketing

SLM 117 - The Art and Science of Conceptual Selling

Code Start Date Duration Venue
SLM 117 06 November 2023 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
SLM 117 04 December 2023 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
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Course Description

Lower budgets, less time, higher costs, lower headcounts, bigger targets, fierce competition, global financial crisis, and many other challenges have, more than anytime, made organizations think about resource optimization. Efficient Sales Call Management leverages the constraints and will help you make more win-win sales-specific decisions. You'll be able to work through a complete sales call management process. This includes sales pre-planning, the questioning sequence, getting incremental commitments, handling basic issue, and sales closing. These selling tools will help you get more focused on win-win selling encounters. This course will help participants, their respective organizations and customers to become all winners.

Course Objectives

  • Learn key insights into how to drive revenue to new levels.
  • Learn how to introduce winning sales methods to your organization.
  • Learn how to close difficult accounts.
  • Learn why customers buy and what motivates them to buy.
  • Learn how to tie your deal to a realistic metric.
  • Learn the most effective & proven method for planning of face-to-face sales calls.

Who Should Attend?

  • Sales professionals
  • Sales executives
  • Sales teams' managers/leaders
  • New hires who want to start their career in the sales profession
  • Anyone with the desire to boost his/her selling skills
  • Anyone who want to master sales call management across multiple industries.

Course Details/Schedule

Day 1

  • Introduction & Program Overview
  • Sales Organizations, Time Management, Buying Concept, Win-Win, Evaluating Opportunities and more
  • Buying Decisions – The Thinking Process
  • Customers' motives for shopping, and their buying decisions
  • Customers' purchased items 

Day 2

  • Meeting the customer before the call
  • Your Valid Business Reason 
  • Directing customers 
  • Customer’s commitment
  • Personal credibility


Day 3

  • The Superb Communication and how to reach it
  • Getting information: The questioning & intelligent listening
  • Giving information: Differentiation & uniqueness
  • The Joint Venture Approach vs. Traditional Selling Approach
  • Getting commitment via friendship 

Day 4

  • Handling basic issues or objections
  • Managing face-to-face sales calls more effectively
  • Managing a sales call from start to end
  • Minimizing levels of sales calls outcomes uncertainty
  • Maximizing time management utilization by focusing on win-win opportunities

Day 5

  • Calling your customer
  • Rehearsal & information assessment
  • Beyond the close
  • Course wrap up