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4 - MMS - Mechanical Engineering and Material Sciences

MMS 110 - Mechanical Maintenance Fundamentals

Code Start Date Duration Venue Fees
MMS 110 31 August 2019 5 Days Istanbul $ 2950 Registration Form Link
MMS 110 28 September 2019 5 Days Istanbul $ 2950 Registration Form Link
MMS 110 26 October 2019 5 Days Istanbul $ 2950 Registration Form Link
MMS 110 23 November 2019 5 Days Istanbul $ 2950 Registration Form Link
MMS 110 21 December 2019 5 Days Istanbul $ 2950 Registration Form Link


Course Description

Mechanics Maintenance Fundamentals equips students with essential competencies in mechanical systems and industrial measurement skills.  Concepts of fluid mechanics are presented, as well as the construction of simple machines, with a review of machine elements, fasteners and friction. Students apply newly gained knowledge of mechanical systems as they learn to use industrial precision measuring instruments to perform a variety of maintenance tasks. The industrial measurement concepts considered include identification and selection of material, installation and alignment of equipment and the role of fit and clearance in determining premature or excessive equipment wear.  

Course Objectives

  • Understanding the proper selection and use of common hand and power tools. 
  • Learning the ability to select, use and read precision measurement tools. 
  • Familiarizing with common rigging and lifting equipment, and techniques 
  • Studying plant materials and classifications including piping components and pipe fittings. 
  • Analyzing insulation, refractory, painting materials, techniques and safe practices
  • Understanding the plant equipment design and maintenance procedures, including pumps, valves, bearings and heat exchangers

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone who would like to  deal with the operation and maintenance
  • Technicians
  • Engineers 

Course Details/Schedule

Day 1

  • Explain the principles and components involved in fluid mechanical systems
  • Describe the characteristics and operation of simple machines
  • Match measuring tools 
  • Instruments to tasks

Day 2

  • Identify commonly used fasteners
  • Describe the characteristics 
  • Impact of friction

Day 3

  • Safely operate standard power tools
  • Layout and drill a coupling
  • Apply varying degrees of pressure when tightening bolts with a torque wrench

Day 4

  • Apply a variety of systems to calculate measurements used in industrial manufacturing
  • Apply the metric system to measurements of work and power, relating metric instruments 
  • Explain the concepts of linear measurement

Day 5

  • Explain the concepts, scales, and tools used to measure temperature
  • Describe the instruments used to measure water and fluid flow
  • Apply basic knowledge of measurement systems and instruments to calculate length, diameter, dimension and depth