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1 - MLC - Management and Leadership

MLC 510 - Campaign Management

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Course Description

Campaign management allows marketers to plan, target, execute, and measure one-to-one communication strategies—all within a single intuitive interface. Unlike other marketing campaign management, campaign tools seamlessly support both traditional and emerging channels, allowing marketers to design single- and cross-channel dialogues driven by customer needs and behavior. From triggered campaigns and remarketing to lifecycle campaigns, customers receive the right message at the right time via the right channel—every time.  

Course Objectives

  • Plan and set precise objectives to campaign activities
  • Build a template for planning and managing campaigns
  • Manage resources - people, material and financial resources - to achieve campaign objectives
  • Use aids to campaign planning and to evaluate campaign effectiveness.
  • Recognize the importance of research and carry out research for campaign planning and evaluation process


  • Definition of the campaign
  • Philosophy of the campaigns
  • Campaign Planning steps
  • Defining Campaign Goals
  • Determining How to Target Campaigns
  • What information do you use for creating target lists?
  • Build campaign team work
  • Creating a Campaign (Strategy & Planning)
  • Case study
  • Writing and collecting questionnaires