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17 - MSE - Maintenance, Scheduling, Planning

MSE 508 - Location and Site Selection & Systematic Layout Planning

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Course Description

Appropriate layout planning is essential for efficient performance. In many plants and warehouses, layout is the most important component of facility planning. Layout affects space usage, materials handling cost and is highly influential on work flow times. Layout determines the flexibility and adjustability of the facility in the reaction to changes in product portfolio and business mission.

Course Objectives

  • To prepare senior managers for their role in developing, reviewing, and approving major facilities investments.
  • To improve the planning of major rearrangements, expansions, and new facility development.
  • To improve the performance of facility.
  • To decrease the materials handling cost.
  • To provide the flexibility, harmony and quantity incrementation.
  • To save time and prevent oversights.
  • To improve the use of space.