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49 - AFLC - Agriculture, Fishery and Livestock

AFLC 101 - How To Control Weeds (10 Days)

Code Start Date Duration Venue
AFLC 101 09 October 2023 10 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
AFLC 101 04 December 2023 10 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
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Course Description

This course covers the topics of controling weeds and defines the standard required to identify a range of weeds and beneficial organisms.  It also explains the regulations to plan and coordinate weed control activities, prepare and calibrate equipment, site hazard identification and risk control assessment for weed control.  A thorough analysis of the range of weed control methods and maintain records, monitoring and recording the effectiveness of controls will also be conducted.

Course Objectives

  • Distinguishing between different types of weeds and identify common weed species
  • Understanding the characteristics of different weed control methods
  • Explaining the use of chemical herbicides to control weeds
  • Specifying appropriate weed control methods, for different types of situations
  • Determining appropriate techniques for the safe application of chemical herbicide
  • Explaining different non-chemical weed control methods
  • Devising appropriate methods for control of weeds, for specific problems, in both the horticultural and agricultural industries
  • Determining a detailed weed control program for a significant weed problem

Who Should Attend?

  • Agricultural engineers
  • Environmental engineers
  • Agricultural practitioners
  • Rural Development practitioners
  • Researchers
  • Interventionists
  • Facilitators

Course Details/Schedule

Day 1

  • Situation/Impact
  • Ecology of weeds
  • Weed identification

Day 2

  • Adjuvants
  • Spray drift
  • Herbicide resistance

Day 3

  • Developing a plan
  • Monitoring
  • Aquatic weed control

Day 4

  • Chemical controls
  • Control strategies for your weed problems
  • Weed life cycles

Day 5

  • Proper use of mulches
  • Making herbicide choice
  • Rules of thumb/general principles

Day 6

  • Herbicide application techniques
  • Other weed management techniques
  • Spraying woody weeds

Day 7

  • Environmental controls and codes of practice applicable to the business and to the weed
  • Planning weed management
  • Strategic and regional weed management planning

Day 8

  •  Managing weeds
  • Supervising weed management activities
  • Advising weed managers

Day 9

  • Pest and weed species
  • Integrated pest and weed management techniques
  • The effects on plants of weeds, pests and/or diseases 

Day 10

  • Environmental controls and codes of practice applicable to the enterprise
  • Plant physiology
  • Sound management practices and processes to minimise noise