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23 - CSM - Public Relations, Communication Skills & Office Management

CSM 137 - Handling Difficult People (10 Days)

Code Start Date Duration Venue
CSM 137 24 April 2023 10 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
CSM 137 12 June 2023 10 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
CSM 137 14 August 2023 10 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
CSM 137 09 October 2023 10 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
CSM 137 04 December 2023 10 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
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Course Description

It might be a little paradox for Manager’s & business unit leader’s to manage a difficult person time to time. It is absolutely essential that for a leader to avoid becoming a victim of that person. When that happens, Manager’s &  business unit leader’s should have knowledge & skills to manage the situation and the person.

It’s really important that manager’s and business unit leader’s understand that both inaction and overly quick action contribute to the increase of abuse from difficult people to contribute results in business performance.

In this course attendees will come up with deeper comprehension about relationships between themselves and others. They will have better abilities in transferring their ideas, and should learn how to communicate with people from different cultures and backgrounds effectively.

Course Objectives

  • Understand & learning 4 different people styles at work
  • Learning the Fundamentals of people management strategies
  • Learn how to improve team performance by effectively use of communication tools for corporate success
  • Being able to influence others to achieve corporate goal’s

Who Should Attend?

  • Managers
  • Team leaders
  • Anyone interested to improve people and strategic management knowledge & skills

Course Details/Schedule

Day 1

  • Manager’s: Should be a victim of your difficult employee?
  • People styles at work
  • Communication across with people styles
  • Effective people communication techniques for each style
  • How to communicate leadership changes with 
  • The importance of listening skills in dealing with styles
  • Tackling the expected challenges
  • Maintaining healthy levels of communication among all types of team members

Day 2

  • Influencing skills
  • The pure styles of management influence
  • The influencing model
  • Assertiveness
  • Delegation
  • Building inner confidence by dealing with difficult people

Day 3

  • Short term and long term objectives studies with difficult people
  • Making strategies work
  • Competitive analysis
  • Culture and strategy implementation
  • Motivating and rewarding tools & techniques for difficult staff
  • Managing different groups of workers

Day 4

  • Presentations together with difficult staff
  • Body language
  • Effective listening techniques
  • Emotional awareness
  • Barriers to effective communication
  • Giving and receiving feedback

Day 5

  • Managing conflict on teams
  • Conflicts as a constructive tool for improvement
  • Stopping conflicts
  • Best practices in managing conflicts
  • Proactively tackling conflicts 
  • The person responsible for finding resolutions for conflicts

Day 6

  • Communication success kit
  • Power Struggles: Handling Critics, Rivals, and Power Freaks
  • Slackers and Energy Vampires
  • Office Gossip
  • Gender Differences in the Workplace
  • Successful Collaboration

Day 7

  • Anger management 
  • What causes anger issues?
  • Anger issues symptoms
  • Anger issues types
  • Anger Management Strategies
  • Risks of Suppressed Anger

Day 8

  • Emotional Intelligence (EI) definition
  • EI models: Ability model, Mixed model, Trait model
  • The meaning of having high EI in business
  • EI in the context of business environment
  • Leading and developing people for business success by means of EI
  • Determine your own personal styles profile


Day 9

  • Raising self-awareness
  • Developing empathy
  • How to raise your EI
  • Maintaining effective relationships
  • Improving persuasion and diplomacy skills in relationships with line management

Day 10

  • Negotiation skills 
  • Strategic and tactical negotiation
  • Opening offers and Concessions
  • Integrative negotiation strategies
  • Sharing information and diagnostic questions
  • Package deals, multiple offers and post-settlement settlements
  • Possible outcomes of a negotiation