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24 - CSM - Public Relations, Communication Skills & Office Management

CSM 110 - Effective Body Language

Code Start Date Duration Venue
CSM 110 09 October 2023 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
CSM 110 04 December 2023 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
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Course Description

When leading a meeting, or presenting a proposal or try to convince people of a good idea, body language is also "communicating" part of the message. And if body language works with the message, it is likely to be much more successful. This course will show the participants how to read people's emotions and opinions before they even say a word, and build their emotional intelligence. They'll also learn how to judge their own body language and discover what their appearance and posture - even the way they walk - tell people about themselves, also to give the participants an edge when negotiating. 

Course Objectives

  • Discovering when body language is an important means of communication
  • Using body language to increase personal impact
  • Increasing presence and strengthening command over listeners
  • Learning how to use body language to build rapport with others
  • Learning how to read and interpret other people’s signals
  • Learning how to apply body language to help control tension and conflict

Who Should Attend?

  • Sales and marketing staff
  • Customer service representatives
  • Public relations professionals
  • Anyone who aspires to improve his skills in this field

Course Details/Schedule

Day 1

  • Personal introductions
  • Self perception of how other people see you
  • Personal body language awareness
  • Initial diagnostic of personal body language
  • Trainer and group feedback

Day 2

  • Understanding the importance of body language
  • Enhancing personal body language vocabulary
  • Developing a more confident posture
  • Making more use of gesture
  • Increasing use of facial expression and eye contact

Day 3

  • Using body language to increase personal impact
  • How to make an immediate positive impression
  • How to communicate in a confident and professional style
  • How to use body language to help engage with listeners
  • Review of personal impact achieved

Day 4

  • Application of techniques developed
  • Individual feedback on personal use of body language
  • Using body language to build rapport
  • Understanding the difference between aggressive and assertive body language
  • How to develop positive relationships through use of body language

Day 5

  • How to control any negative hidden messages through body language
  • Reading and reacting positively to signals from other people’s body language
  • Understanding signal clusters from others and how they can be interpreted
  • How to react positively to negative vibes generated through body language
  • How to control a situation through use of body language