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23 - CSM - Public Relations, Communication Skills & Office Management

CSM 128 - Events and Conferences Management

Code Start Date Duration Venue
CSM 128 17 July 2023 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
CSM 128 11 September 2023 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
CSM 128 06 November 2023 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
CSM 128 25 December 2023 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
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Course Description

This course helps those people who are organizing and planning an event. The impact of a successful event on a company can be profound. The impact of a poorly organized event is so negative that it pulls resources away from real work in order to deal with the aftermath. This course provides a synthesis of all planning, execution and post-event analysis. Such an event may be a benefit, arts and design industry event, entertainment event, trade show or an event in the fields of hospitality, marketing and advertising, or sports.

Course Objectives

  • Using a standardized events planning and management process
  • Dealing with the financial and legal implications of holding events wherever they are held
  • Using social media and extensive communication networks to communicate to your audience
  • Dealing with sponsorship and promotion for events
  • Organizing conferences 

Who Should Attend?

  • Event management professionals
  • Project team leaders
  • Executives
  • Administrative staff 

Course Details/Schedule

Day 1

  • Introduction to event management
  • Establishing the event 
  • Communication with the client and key stakeholders
  • The roles of all involved in the event
  • Standards of successful events management

Day 2

  • Setting the objectives of an event
  • Dealing with risk in an event
  • Ensuring the availability a strong team 
  • How to develop team skills

Day 3

  • Event marketing and target audiences
  • Advertising and promotion
  • Media and public relations
  • Working effectively with suppliers and key stakeholders
  • Briefing & meeting skills
  • Event finance

Day 4

  • Obtain event sponsorship
  • Event checklist
  • Event review process
  • Strategies for evaluating resources
  • Closing the event
  • Reporting the events               
  • Creating yearly events plan

Day 5

  • Why sustainable events management ? 
  • Creating a sustainable event
  • The sustainability checklists
  • Case studies and Success stories