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45 - PHR - Pharmaceutical Sciences

PHR 106 - Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Formulations and Production

Code Start Date Duration Venue
PHR 106 24 October 2022 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
PHR 106 19 December 2022 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
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Course Description

The Pharmaceutical Foundations offers specialists currently working or intending to work in the pharmaceutical industry an understanding of the fundamentals of pharmaceutical technology relevant to product formulation, development and productions. This course provides an overview of the pharmaceutical industry with a general focus on manufacturing, basic quality assurance principles, drug legislation and Formulations of solid dosage forms as well as many new technologies in this field.

Course Objectives

  • Explaining theory of colloids, suspensions and emulsions
  • Describing polymers for pharmaceutical production
  • Explaining drug tablets and coatings
  • Explaining gelatin capsules, microencapsulation and vaccine formulations

Who Should Attend?

  • Research and development persons
  • Pharmaceutical formulation and production engineers and pharmacist
  • Quality control chemists and pharmacist

Course Details/Schedule

Day 1

  • Theory of colloids, suspensions
  • Flocculation and deflocculating
  • Colloidal stability and oleo gels

Day 2

  • Micellization and CMC. HLB and emulsions
  • Stability of emulsions and phase inversion temperature
  • Structured semisolid emulsions
  • Nanoliposomes

Day 3

  • Emulsification theory and homogenizers
  • Polymers for pharmaceutical productions

Day 4

  • Drug tablet formulations and productions
  • Theory and practice of tablet coating
  • Gelatins, soft and hard gelatin capsules

Day 5

  • Microencapsulation and microcapsule production
  • Nanoparticles
  • Basic vaccine formulations
  • Case examples