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44 - MDC - Medical Sciences and Clinical Research

MDC 507 - Strategies and Policies for Controlling Spread of Disease

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Course Description

Building on basic knowledge of major diseases and specific experience in their control and quantitative and qualitative research methods, this course deepens the understanding of principles and strategies in disease control and equips students with the skills to successfully establish, strengthen or to systematically review disease control programmes. 

The course has a strong focus on disease control in disadvantaged populations of developing countries. Global, regional and local examples are used to analyse strengths and weaknesses of existing policies and strategies.


Course Objectives

  • Explain  the composition, distribution, determinants and future projections of the global and regional     burden of disease
  • Examine the role of surveillance in disease control
  • Explain the differences between control of diseases and eradication of diseases
  • Critically analyse the application of disease control principles using different strategies and approaches such as Primary Health Care, inter-sectoral collaboration, multi-disciplinary approaches & community participation
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of  recent policies and developments in the control of a number of  endemic and epidemic diseases
  • Explore policies and developments in the eradication of selected diseases
  • Critically apply new strategies for health promotion and disease control
  • Analyse the role of formal and informal health services in disease control