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51 - LONG - Long-Term Programs

LONG 550 - Petroleum Refining Simulation with the Introduction of Gas Separation Membranes (4 Weeks)

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Course Description

HYSYS serves as the engineering platform for modeling processes from upstream, through gas processing and cryogenic facilities, to refining and chemical processes. This course focuses on how to use HYSYS software in order to model different oil and gas processes for design analysis. 

Course Objectives

  • Introducing HYSYS
  • Creating HYSYS simulation
  • Discussing the optimization of Refinery by HYSYS and LINGO
  • Discussing in details refinery unit Processing and operations
  • Understanding refinery equipment design and analysis by HYSIS

Who Should Attend?

  • New engineering graduates/technologists who will be using Aspen HYSYS in their daily work
  • Process engineers doing process design and optimization projects and studies
  • Plant engineers checking plant performance under different operating conditions
  • R& D engineers and researchers using Aspen HYSYS for process synthesis

Course Details/Schedule

Week 1

  • HYSYS overview and application
  • Identify models
  • Degree of freedom
  • Fluid packages 
  • Workbook
  • Customize reporting
  • Logical operation
  • Utilities 
  • Sub flow sheet
  • Get starting HYSYS
  • Creating a new simulation
  • Adding components
  • Selecting a fluids package
  • Enter simulation 
  • Adding material and energy streams 
  • Compressing process model
  • Expansion process model
  • Heat transfer process model
  • Flash separation process model

Week 2

  • Gas separation by polymeric membrance
  • Gas treating
  • Gas treating processing by membrance  model 
  • Gas Treating by amine process model
  • Case study and ecnomic evaluation between amine process and membrance 
  • Gas dehydration
  • Gas Dehydration by polymeric membrance model
  • Gas Dehydration by TEG model 
  • Case study and ecnomic evaluation 
  • Cryogenic process
  • LPG recovery by polymeric membrance  model
  • LPG recovery By Expansion model
  • Case study and ecnomic evaluation 
  • PAS by cryogenic  process model 
  • PAS by polymeric membrance model 
  • case stydy and economic evaluation 
  • Sulfur recovery Unit process model

Week 3

  • Mainly refinery equipment design and simulation by ASPEN
  • Reactor
  • Hex
  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Turbines
  • Pipes
  • Valves
  • Towers
  • Vessel
  • Distillation
  • Absorption

Week 4

  • MFI-zeolite membrane reactor
  • CDU/VDU unit process
  • SGP
  • Naphtha treatment units
  • Catalytic reformer
  • Hydrocracking
  • FCC
  • Delayed coking 
  • Processes 
  • H2 production steam reforming
  • Blending and tank farming
  • Optimization methods at refinery by ASPEN and LINGO using LP and NLP