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LONG 538 - SAP ERP Procurement Workshop

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Course Description

This course has been designed for entry-level procurement consultants who intend to pursue an SAP Associate Certification in SAP ERP Procurement. This course combines two courses which cover the most critical procurement and inventory management functions, and configuration requirements you’ll need to know for implementing the SAP MM module. Through lectures and numerous exercises you will receive extensive practice working through many business transactions leading to increased confidence in being able to apply what you have learned, in subsequent projects.


Course Objectives

  • Explaining and use the basic functions of external procurement in SAP ERP
  • Making the necessary settings for consumption-based planning
  • Utilizing procurement optimization techniques
  • Processing invoices and managing discrepancies
  • Entering goods movements in the SAP ERP system and make the relevant settings for special functions
  • Preparing and perform a physical inventory of warehouse stock
  • Making customizing settings in materials management
  • Configuring valuation and account determination
  • Configuring document types

Who Should Attend?

  • Application Consultant
  • Business Process Owner
  • Team Leader
  • Power User

Course Details/Schedule

Day 1

  • The Procurement Process: Basics
  • Procurement Process and Organizational Levels
  • Purchase Order Entry: Basics
  • Goods Receipts Entry - Basics
  • Invoice Entry - Basics

Day 2

  • Master Data
  • Vendor Master Record
  • Material Master Record
  • Entry Aids

Day 3

  • Procurement of Stock Material
  • Conditions
  • Request for Quotation Management / Quotation Processing
  • Create Purchase Order with Reference
  • Purchasing Info Records
  • Material Valuation Basics
  • Stock Types, Valuation, GR in Warehouse
  • Invoice Verification and Delivery Costs

Day 4

  • Procurement of Consumable Material
  • Consumable Material - Overview
  • Purchase Requisition
  • Purchase Order and Order Acknowledgement
  • Valuated and Non-Valuated Goods Receipts
  • Blanket Purchase Orders

Day 5

  • Procurement of External Services
  • Service Master Record and Conditions
  • Purchase Order for Services
  • Service Entry and Invoice Verification

Day 6

  • Reporting and Analysis Functions
  • Standard Reports at Document Level
  • Logistics Information System (LIS)
  • SAP Business Intelligence

Day 7

  • Basics of Consumption-Based Planning
  • Overview of Material Requirements Planning
  • Overview of MRP procedures
  • Material Master Record
  • Recorder Point Planning

Day 8

  • Cost Planning
  • Basics of the Planning Run
  • Executing the Planning Run
  • Planning Result
  • Planning Evaluation
  • Lot-Size Calculation

Day 9

  • Automated Procurement
  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • Contract and Source Determination
  • Automated Procurement Process

Day 10

  • Integration
  • SAP Enterprise Buyer
  • mySAP Supply Chain Management

Day 11

  • Introduction to Inventory management
  • Inventory Management and Physical Inventory
  • Transaction for Goods Movements-MIGO
  • Good Receipt
  • Goods Receipt Without Reference
  • Goods Receipt with Reference
  • Return Delivery, Returns, and Cancellation
  • Delivery Completed Indicator and Tolerances
  • Date Checks in GR for Purchase Order

Day 12

  • Stock Transfers/Transfer Postings
  • Transfer Postings
  • Stock Transfer Between Storage Locations
  • Stock Transfer Between Plants

Day 13

  • Reservations
  • Manual Reservations
  • Evaluations for Reservations
  • Availability and Missing Part Check

Day 14

  • Goods Issues
  • Unplanned Goods Issues
  • Goods Issue with Reference
  • Negative Stock
  • Special Procurement Form: Consignment
  • Vendor Consignment

Day 15

  • Physical Inventory
  • Preparing and Carrying Out Physical Inventory
  • Simplification of Physical Inventory
  • Analysis
  • Stock Lists and Document Lists
  • Periodic Processing

Day 16

  • Customizing for Inventory Management
  • Settings for Documents in Inventory Management
  • Movement Types
  • Other Customizing Settings

Day 17

  • Purchasing Customizing Settings
  • Document Types in Purchasing
  • Field Selection and Account Assignment Categories
  • Special Aspects of Customizing

Day 18

  • Message Determination
  • Message Determination in Purchasing
  • Message Determination in Inventory Management
  • Organizational Levels in MM

Day 19

  • Master Data for Materials Management
  • Vendor Master Record
  • Settings for Material Types
  • Field Selection Control

Day 20

  • Valuation and Account Assignment
  • Introduction to Automatic Account Determination
  • Influence of Company Code and Valuation Area
  • Influence of Material and Material Type
  • Business Transactions and their influence on the Account Determination Process
  • Special Cases of Account Determination