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51 - LONG - Long-Term Programs

LONG 250A - Oil and Gas Production & Processing (26 Weeks)

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Course Description

This course will start by defining oil and production and processing, oil and gas properties, specifications and end uses. Then, typical oil and gas processing operations will be discussed, including oil and gas separation, oil desalting, oil degassing, oil movement, gas dehydration, acid gas removal, recovery of ethane, propane and NGL (natural gas liquids), liquefied natural gas (LNG) operations and oil refinery. Sulfur recovery will also be discussed. Typical equipment and facilities that are found in typical oil and natural gas processing operations will also be discussed including compressors, vessels, relief systems and safety system

Note: This course can be conducted only on the condition of having +5 participants. 

Course Objectives

  • Gaining knowledge of the properties, specifications and end uses of Oil &natural gas
  • Understanding the typical oil and natural gas processing operations
  • Gaining a deep understanding of the production of oil and gas 
  • Gaining knowledge of the different equipment and facilities found in oil and natural gas processing plants

Who Should Attend?

  • Petroleum engineers
  • Processing engineers
  • Operation engineers 
  • Commercial analysts
  • Decision makers/ investors in oil and gas sector

Course Details/Schedule

Part 1

  • Basic heat and heat transfer concepts
  • Draught and combustion
  • Feed Water- Properties of water and water treatment
  • Boiler and Auxiliaries
  • Boiler Types and Construction-feed system - Fitting
  • Mounting and Auxiliaries Equipment
  • Control and Instrumentation
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Operation. Step by Step Operation Procedures
  • Daily and Weekly Check and Logging
  • Actions in an Emergency
  • Testing and Maintenance
  • Fuel Concepts
  • Safety Aspects. Hazards of ( Steam- Flammable materialsand Flue Gases.)

Part 2

  • Utilities and Ancillaries Desalination plant
  • Introduction
  • Desalination plant
  • Construction instruments and control system
  • Unit start-up
  • Shut-down procedures
  • Multistage eject compression (MSEC)
  • Operation Process
  • Unit start and shut down 
  • Reverse osmosis system
  • Water Softening Plant
  • Troubleshooting

Part 3

  • Operation of Gas Turbines and Compressors
  • Gas Turbine cycles
  • Compressor-The Air Path
  • Combustion Section-Hot Air Path
  • The Turbine Section.
  • Turbine Auxiliaries & Starting Device
  • Generator
  • Excitation System
  • Electrical Distribution System
  • Start up & shut down using demonstration a simulator (Practical)
  • Introduction to compressors
  • Types of compressors
  • Centrifugal compressors
  • Piston compressors
  • Operation principle
  • Start up and shutdown procedures
  • Troubleshooting

Part 4

  • Heat transfer and Heat Exchangers
  • Introduction Heat Transfer
  • Methods of heat transfer
  • Factors affecting of Heat
  • Heat Exchangers media
  • Properties of thermal fluids
  • Lagging materials
  • Heat exchanger construction
  • Types of heat exchangers
  • Applications of heat exchangers
  • Operation of heat exchangers
  • Trouble shooting and safety aspects
  • Demonstration on a simulation (start up and shut down procedures

Part 5

  • Pumps and Compressors
  • Introduction to pumps & compressors
  • Types of Pumps & compressors
  • Centrifugal compressor- pumps
  • Piston compressor-pumps
  • Operating principles
  • Start up and shutdown
  • Demonstration on a simulation “start up and shut down- Trouble shooting" procedures

Part 6

  • Industrial Water Process
  • Chemistry of water
  • Types of raw water
  • Types of industrial water
  • Importance of water in process industry
  • Sources of water for process industry
  • Pre-treatment and treatment methods for process water
  • Physical and chemical properties of water
  • General laboratory analysis for process water