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LONG 528 - Construction Project Management (3 Weeks)

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Course Description

This course is designed to provide participant with a comprehensive overview of project management that focuses on key success factors, decisions and consequences. Relevant for any project in any area of business, the course covers the pragmatic skills and techniques necessary for effective project delivery.

Course Objectives

  • Understanding project management and the operating environment
  • Understanding the project lifecycle
  • Understanding the management structure by which projects operate
  • Understanding project management planning
  • Understanding project scope management
  • Understanding scheduling and resource management
  • Understanding risk management and issue management
  • Understanding project quality management
  • Understanding communication in the project environment
  • Understanding principles of leadership and teamwork

Who Should Attend?

  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • Executives
  • Anyone planning to become more effective in managing and implementing projects


Understand project management and the operating environment

  • Definition - project, project management
  • Key purpose of project management
  • Definition - programme management and portfolio management
  • Relationship of programme management and portfolio management to project management
  • Differences between project and business as usual
  • Benefits of effective project management
  • Project environment
  • PESTLE as a tool

Understand the project lifecycle

  • Definition
  • Phases
  • Reasons for structuring projects into phases
  • Handover and closure

Understand the management structure by which projects operate

  • roles and responsibilities of:
  • Project manager
  • Project sponsor
  • Project steering group/board
  • Project team members
  • PMO
  • End user

Project management planning

  • Project management plan - purpose of, benefits
  • Ownership and approval of project management plan
  • Purpose of a business case
  • Role of the sponsor and project manager in relation to the business case
  • Purpose of benefits management
  • use of KPIs
  • Stakeholder management, stakeholder analysis
  • Estimating & estimating funnel
  • Project success criteria
  • Success factors
  • Project reporting

Project scope management

  • Definition scope management
  • Product Breakdown Structure {PBS}, Work Breakdown Structure {WBS}
  • Definitions configuration
  • Definition change control
  • Links between configuration and change control
  • Change control process
  • Configuration management process

Scheduling and resource management

  • Total float, critical path, Gantt chart, baseline, milestone
  • Definition- resource management
  • Types of resources
  • Resource smoothing/resource levelling
  • Procurement

Risk management and issue management

  • Definition - project risk and risk management
  • Project risk management process
  • Use of risk register
  • Definition- issue and issue management
  • Use of issue log
  • Escalation process

Project quality management

  • Definition - quality and quality management
  • Definition - quality planning, quality assurance, quality control, continual improvement
  • Differences between quality assurance and quality control
  • Project reviews - gate post, benefit, peer reviews

Communication in the project environment

  • Definition - communication
  • Methods of communication
  • Barriers to communication
  • Effective communication
  • Communication plan

Principles of leadership and teamwork

  • Definition - leadership
  • Role of project team leader
  • Definition - project team
  • Teamwork models