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5 - FNB - Finance and Banking

FNB 503 - Corporate Banking

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Course Description

The course will teach participants how to use the planning process to set goals, control costs and to increase the profitability of clients and sales channels. They will focus on the needs of corporate customers to screen clients efficiently and identify profitable marketing opportunities. In addition the course will give hands-on examples of how to create value by implementing efficient credit policies and procedures. Through examples the program shows how qualitative and quantitative ratios are applied to examine the creditworthiness of clients and transactions; in addition, concepts of risk adjusted pricing and minimum pricing are discussed.

Course Objectives

  • How to implement a successful corporate banking strategy to maximise profitability
  • Understand the success factors of corporate banking
  • Use the planning and budgeting process to increase the value of your bank and control costs
  • Build a competitive, client oriented sales organisation and respond to the needs of your corporate clients
  • Introducing client oriented products and product bundles
  • Implementing an effective rating system for corporates and cash flow based lending
  • Deepen your understanding of RAROC, EVA and risk adjusted pricing under Basel II
  • Identify and manage the major risk factors in corporate banking