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30 - FNB - Finance and Banking

FNB 150 - Real Estate Investment and Financing

Code Start Date Duration Venue
FNB 150 12 September 2022 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
FNB 150 07 November 2022 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
FNB 150 05 December 2022 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
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Course Description

Understanding the principals behind property finance and investment can help property professionals to make more informed decisions. This course is designed to give you the fundamental knowledge you need, from making basic financial models to learning about different sources of financing.

Course Objectives

  • This course is for practicing professionals in the real estate or finance industry.
  • Understand physical value and market value
  • Determine a property’s economic value
  • Finance investments and increase value
  • Gain practical insights into creating successful investment management strategies
  • Learn and apply knowledge of financial modelling to create bespoke financial models

Who Should Attend?

  • Investors
  • Analysts
  • Lending and Finance Bankers
  • Financiers
  • Developers
  • Advisors

Course Details/Schedule

Day 1

  • Real estate as an investment
  • Characteristics of real estate and major asset classes
  • Urban economics: cities and growth
  • Property finance and funding
  • Options to finance a real estate investment
  • Best loans for real estate investing

Day 2

  • Real estate financial analysis 
  • Appraisal & valuation fundamentals
  • Structuring the cash flow
  • Real estate acquisition, management and finance
  • Investment cash flow model before debt finance
  • Real estate investment decision analysis

Day 3

  • Spatial planning
  • Sourcing product & property management
  • Accounting principles and procedures
  • Assets, Liabilities and Equity
  • Income / Revenue / Gain
  • Expenses / Losses
  • Profit/Loss
  • Earnings and Dividends
  • Financial statements
  • Property-related accounting standards 

Day 4

  • Corporate finance
  • Financial modelling
  • Financial modelling in Excel
  • Creating a single-tenant cash flow model
  • Creating a multi-tenant cash flow model
  • Adding senior debt, mezzanine and equity waterfall
  • Sensitivity and scenario analysis

Day 5

  • Real estate management and sustainability
  • Investment management
  • Indirect investment vehicles 
  • Mortgage debt