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38 - IT-D Information Technology - Databases and Related Technologies

IT-D 137 - Oracle Database 12c: Advanced Security

Code Start Date Duration Venue
IT-D 137 31 October 2022 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
IT-D 137 26 December 2022 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
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Course Description

Oracle Advanced Security helps customers address regulatory compliance requirements by protecting sensitive data on the network, on storage media and within the database from unauthorized disclosure. Transparent Data Encryption, a major component of Oracle Advanced Security, provides the industry’s most advanced database encryption solution for protecting sensitive information without requiring changes to applications

Course Objectives

  • Introducing and configuring transparent data encryption
  • Managing the keystore and the TDE master encryption key
  • Introducing Oracle data redaction
  • Using Oracle data redaction in Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • Discussing security considerations for Oracle data redaction


Who Should Attend?

  • Implementation consultants
  • System administrators
  • Security administrators
  • Database administrators (DBAs)

Course Details/Schedule

Day 1

  • Introduction to Transparent Data Encryption
  • Configuring Transparent Data Encryption
  • Configuring a Software Keystore
  • Configuring a Hardware Keystore
  • Encrypting Columns in Tables
  • Encrypting Tablespaces
  • Transparent Data Encryption Data Dynamic and Data Dictionary Views
  •  Managing the Keystore
  • Managing the TDE Master Encryption Key
  • Storing Secrets Used by Oracle Database
  • Storing Oracle GoldenGate Secrets in a Keystore

Day 2

  • Security Considerations for Transparent Data Encryption
  • Compression and Data Deduplication of Encrypted Data
  • Performance and Storage Overhead of Transparent Data Encryption
  • Storage Overhead of Transparent Data Encryption
  • Modifying Your Applications for Use with Transparent Data Encryption
  • Using Transparent Data Encryption with PKI Encryption
  • Using Transparent Data Encryption with Other Oracle Features
  • Configuring Transparent Data Encryption to Work in a Multidatabase Environment

Day 3

  • Introduction to Oracle Data Redaction
  • Target Use Cases for Oracle Data Redaction
  • Oracle Data Redaction Features and Capabilities
  • Full Data Redaction to Redact All Data
  • Partial Data Redaction to Redact Sections of Data
  • Regular Expressions to Redact Patterns of Data
  • Random Data Redaction to Generate Random Values
  • Comparison of Full, Partial, and Random Redaction Based on Data Types
  • Oracle Built-in Data Types Redaction Capabilities
  • ANSI Data Types Redaction Capabilities
  • User Defined Data Types or Oracle Supplied Types Redaction Capabilities
  • No Redaction for Testing Purposes

Day 4

  • Planning an Oracle Data Redaction Policy
  • General Syntax of the DBMS_REDACT.ADD_POLICY Procedure
  • Using Expressions to Define Conditions for Data Redaction Policies
  • Creating a Full Redaction Policy and Altering the Full Redaction Value
  • Creating a Partial Redaction Policy
  • Creating a Regular Expression-Based Redaction Policy
  • Creating a Random Redaction Policy
  • Creating a Policy That Uses No Redaction
  • Exemption of Users from Oracle Data Redaction Policies
  • Altering an Oracle Data Redaction Policy
  • Redacting Multiple Columns
  • Disabling and Enabling an Oracle Data Redaction Policy.
  • Dropping an Oracle Data Redaction Policy
  • Oracle Data Redaction Policy Data Dictionary Views

Day 5

  • Using Oracle Data Redaction in Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • Oracle Data Redaction Workflow
  • Management of Sensitive Column Types in Enterprise Manager
  • Managing Oracle Data Redaction Formats Using Enterprise Manager
  • Viewing Oracle Data Redaction Formats
  • Deleting a Custom Oracle Data Redaction Format 
  • Managing Oracle Data Redaction Policies Using Enterprise Manager
  • Oracle Data Redaction Use with Oracle Database Features
  • Security Considerations for Oracle Data Redaction