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19 - CCE - Construction, Civil and Marine Engineering

CCE 136 - Introduction to Steel Structures, Analysis and Design

Code Start Date Duration Venue
CCE 136 05 June 2023 5 Days Berlin Registration Form Link
CCE 136 31 July 2023 5 Days Cairo Registration Form Link
CCE 136 21 August 2023 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
CCE 136 25 September 2023 5 Days London Registration Form Link
CCE 136 02 October 2023 5 Days Muscat Registration Form Link
CCE 136 20 November 2023 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
CCE 136 11 December 2023 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
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Course Description

Steel has been used in construction of tall buildings since the 19th Century but nowadays steel has become an option for smaller buildings and even personal residences. Steel is a “Recycle” product, thus we can use recycle steel in the construction of buildings and other civil structures. Steel has many advantages over concrete, faster method of construction meaning better for business. Because of its increased durability and low maintenance, it is an attractive building material. Thus understanding steel and learning how to design steel structures will help to prepare for the future industry.

This Design of Steel Structures course will teach you about design procedures for steel structure members and connections. This course will broaden your knowledge of how to design suitable bolt and welded connections for steel structures. You will learn a step-by-step process of designing tension and compression members, including lacing systems and batten plates. You will also learn how to design beams, bases and more.

Course Objectives

  • Providing the basic knowledge on steel structures and its advantages
  • Teaching how to design steel components like beams, columns and slabs
  • Discussing the modern techniques in analysing steel structures
  • Being able to design your own steel structures with foundation design with the knowledge of computer software.
  • Providing a fundamental and practical understanding on condition assessment of concrete structures and concrete repair and strengthening methods

Who Should Attend?

  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Construction  professionals

Course Details/Schedule

Day 1

  • Introduction to steel structures
  • Advantages of steel over concrete
  • Use of steel in different forms in construction
  • Different types of steel framing system
  • Analysis of steel structures
  • Codes of practice in design of steel structures
  • Selection of right steel structural system

Day 2

  • Designing of steel structures
  • Analysis and design of steel composite beam
  • Analysis and design of composite slabs
  • Analysis and design of composite beams with web openings
  • Analysis and design of USFB(ultra shallow floor beams) a new steel beam which is economical
  • Staad Pro V8i software training
  • Analysis and design of steel Portal Frame, most used in construction of Industrial buildings

Day 3

  • Connection design
  • Bolted connections between beam and column with using new methods
  • Analysis and design of built-up column
  • Analysis and design of multi-storey columns
  • Analysis and design of Crane beams
  • New methods of connecting Materials used to Repair Corroded Structure
  • Methods of Repair
  • Using Polymer Bonding Materials

Day 4

  • Basic introduction to Finite Element software
  • Basic training on Abaqus, which is highly used in structural engineering companies for design of steel structures
  • Fabrication and erection of steel structures
  • Preparation of drawings of steel structures
  • Protection and prevention of steel structures
  • Understanding of damage caused to steel structures

Day 5

  • Foundation design
  • Basic introduction to foundation and understanding of soil types
  • Designing of shallow foundation
  • Designing of pile foundation
  • Staad pro v8i training