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8 - OGE-R - Oil & Gas - Reservoir Engineering

OG-R 160 - Carbonated Fracture and Petrophysics (10 Days)

Code Start Date Duration Venue
OG-R 160 13 November 2023 10 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
OG-R 160 11 December 2023 10 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
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Course Description

This course is designed to cover comprehensive carbonate & fracture evaluation methodologies, from log analysis to full well test integration. Holistic plan of action for the acquisition and integration of carbonate petrophysical data, highlighting problems and their solutions are presented throughout the course. Daunting prospect of managing fractured carbonate 'complex' reservoirs is fully covered. 

Course Objectives

  • Comprehending fractured carbonate reservoirs and their data response implications
  • Detecting and handling of extreme pores, vugs, fractures and oil wetness occur in carbonates 
  • Identifying and treating fractures in carbonate reservoir  
  • Troubleshooting fractured reservoirs well tests and other critical data 
  • Identifying errors that has impact on results 
  • Acquiring and integrating key drilling, mudlog, core, special log and well test data
  • Evaluating carbonate log data and integration of log data to other data types such us core data, capillary pressures with logs

Who Should Attend?

  • Petrophysicists
  • Geologists
  • Operations Geologist
  • Engineers or core analyst who uses or creates petrophysical results for carbonate or 'complex' reservoirs.

Course Details/Schedule

Day 1

  • Introduction to Carbonates Reservoir  
  • Definition of Carbonate Rocks 
  • World Carbonates Distribution Map
  • Heterogeneous Carbonate Reservoirs and Rock Features
  • Carbonates Reservoir Rocks and Rock Typing
  • Dunham - Carbonate Rocks Classification
  • Folk - Carbonate Rocks Classification
  • Petrophysical Classification 
  • Carbonate Rock Fabric 

Day 2

  • Carbonate Reservoir Depositional Environment 
  • Types of Environments
  • Algal Formation 
  • Barrier/shoal
  • Plat Margins, Slope and redeposited
  • Carbonate Ramps, facies distribution
  • Structural Geology, Folds, Faults, Fractures

Day 3

  • Carbonate Reservoir Petrophysical Properties
  • Porosity and porosity types
  • Porosity generation and destruction
  • Permeability 
  • Saturation 
  • Lithification of Sediments 
  • Pressure solution
  • Cementation
  • Dolomitization
  • Diagenesis 

Day 4

  • Petrophysical Evaluation of Fractured Carbonate Reservoir
  • How to use data and equations intelligently? 
  • Understanding data redundancy, hierarchy and equation inversion
  • Data troubleshooting, appropriate data processing, powerful data
  • Carbonate & fracture database essentials
  • The tests to be applied for carbonate fractured reservoirs

Day 5

  • 3D Carbonate Reservoir Characterization and Modeling
  • Reservoir Rocks Typing (RRT) 
  • Rock-fabric / Petrophysical relationships
  • Special Core Analysis - SCAL
  • Reservoir Characterization 
  • 3D Reservoir Modeling

Day 6

  • Advanced Petrophysical Evaluation
  • PetroDB, analogues, 
  • Sigma & Dielectric logs, 
  • Cap. pressure, FZI, R35, rock typing, 
  • core Sw, which Sw? 
  • Image log interpretation
  • Core Description
  • Electro-facies
  • NMR porosity bins, 
  • Coates carbonate permeability, sonic logs, Stoneley k, stress, fracture quantification
  • The complete carbonate & fracture evaluation recipe

Day 7

  • Real Time Fractured Carbonate Reservoir Drilling Optimization  
  • Rig Floor display thinking underground 
  • Live intervention 
  • Data transfer 
  • RPM Analysis 
  • Dogleg detection 
  • Down hole Mud Motor 
  • Case history 
  • Different service companies’ capabilities

Day 8

  • Fractured Carbonate Reservoir Log Data Quality Control
  • High quality data & quality management 
  • Logging sensors 
  • Data evaluation 
  • Standards on grading, weighting 
  • Setting parameters 
  • Depth control issue 
  • Calibration, master, main, field 
  • Heading, remarks, sketches 
  • Data, timing, quick look
  • Data: GR, Resistivity, Density, Neutron, Sound tools 
  • General checking 
  • Depth correlation
  • Sources of errors 
  • General checking

Day 9

  • Production Tools in Fractured Carbonate Reservoir 
  • Production tools in vertical and horizontal wells; T, P, Density, Hold Up, flowmeters, GR, and other tools 
  • Full data evaluation of vertical well examples
  • production tools of different companies, accuracy, quick look, validation and LQC 
  • Data processing and evaluation  
  • Examples and discussion 
  • Finding features from production data

Day 10

  • Monitoring Tools in Fractured Carbonate Reservoir
  • Reservoir monitoring tools 
  • The current tools and data acquired 
  • Validation of data 
  • Data fitting into reservoir simulation 
  • DOI, resolution, parameters used 
  • Data processing and analysis 
  • Examples from different fields 
  • Effects of formation water