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8 - OGE-R - Oil & Gas - Reservoir Engineering

OG-R 169 - Special Core Analysis (SCAL)

Code Start Date Duration Venue
OG-R 169 30 October 2023 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
OG-R 169 25 December 2023 5 Days Istanbul Registration Form Link
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Course Description

  This course provides an overview of how to conduct SCAL studies from practical point of view. On the other hand, how to follow-up SCAL study done by laboratories. The course emphasizes the practical aspects of reviewing SCAL reports and how to identify reliable SCAL data, how to prepare SCAL program, how to QC laboratory measurements and refine SCAL data to be used in simulation studies.

Course Objectives

  • Learning about how to review SCAL studies and identify reliable SCAL data
  • Understanding how to collect and preserve core to conduct SCAL study
  • Learning about the preparation of SCAL program for new SCAL study
  • Understanding how to QC laboratory SCAL measurements
  • Gaining insights into  refining SCAL measurements before using the data in dynamic     

Who Should Attend?

  • Reservoir Engineer who are following/involving in special core analysis laboratory (SCAL) studies
  • Reservoir geologist and engineers who is interested in how to prepare and review SCAL program
  • Reservoir simulation engineers who are following/involving in special core analysis laboratory (SCAL) studies


Course Details/Schedule

Day 1

  • Introduction to SCAL
  • Definitions of Special Core Analysis (SCAL)
  • The Role of SCAL
  • Challenges of Using SCAL
  • Meeting the Challenges
  • Planning SCAL Program
  • Selecting Core Plugs for SCAL

Day 2

  • Capillary Pressure
  • Mercury (Hg) Injection
  • Porous Plate Method
  • Centrifuge Method (Recommended method)
  • Amott and Harvey Method
  • USBM Method

Day 3

  • Relative Permeability
  • Steady State Method
  • Unsteady State Method
  • Centrifuge Method
  • QC laboratory Measurement Results
  • Pros and Cons for each Method of Measurement of Relative Permeability


Day 4

  • Refinement (Adjustment) of SCAL Data
  • Objectives of Data Refinement
  • Corey Equations for Oil-Water and Oil-Gas
  • linearization of Corey Equations
  • Refinement “Smoothing” of Relative Permeability Data
  • Calculation of Relative Permeability from Capillary Pressure
  • Effect of Wettability on Relative Permeability
  • Exercises of Data Refinement from Composite Core (Sandstone and Carbonate)

Day 5

  • Using of SCAL Data
  • Conventional Calculations (fractional flow, displacement efficiency)
  • Using of SCAL Data for Dynamic Reservoir Simulation
  • Impact of SCAL on Reservoir Simulation Results
  • Case Studies of Using SCAL Data