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ONL 101 - COVID 19 & Changing Leadership in Business (1 Day)

Code Start Date Duration Venue
ONL 101 09 December 2020 1 Days Online Registration Form Link


Course Description

We didn’t know then that COVID-19 would inflict that much catastrophy in most communities across the world and affect every economy, some much more than others. 

There is much that leadership guides and seminars do not, and often cannot, prepare you for and this pandemic has certainly been an irregular leadership induction for us. Our One Day Programme COVID 19 & CHANGING LEADERSHIP IN BUSINESS has been designed spesifically focus leadership practices in pandemies. As a leader, while addressing realities, we must continue to speak about solutions. There are number of sample leadership case studies in the programme that participants can use as best practices in their business environment as well as their private lifes.

Course Objectives

  • Gain new leadership skills and management practices
  • Learn how to lead teams successfully during tpandemies
  • Analyze crisis
  • Take decisions with confidence 

Who Should Attend?

All business unit heads who is involving to manage business results


Session 1:

  • How COVID-19 effected  the World economy?
  • What has changed in business by COVID-19
  • How companies cope with these changes
  • What decisions leaders produced in changing business environment
  • What kind of virtual behaviours need to be exercised

Session 2:

  • Leadership Lessons from COVID-19
  • The heart of resilient leadership: responding to COVID-19
  • Leadership in the crucible of crisis
  • Design from heart and head

Session 3:

  • How to put the mission first?
  • Aim for speed over elegance
  • How to manage “known unknowns” in days ahead?
  • How to own the narrative? 
  • How embrace the long view?

Session 4:

  • A test of resilient leadership
  • Leader’s action guide - putting the mission first