Confidentiality and Code of Ethics

Confidentiality and Code of Ethics

By accepting "course assignment", SAHARA Group and instructor (or company/organization providing service) will get into a "Non-Disclosure (or Confidentiality) Agreement (NDA)"

This Nondisclosure Agreement is entered into by and between the following parties:

  • SAHARA Group with its principal office at Ömer Avni Mahallesi, Hacı İzzet Paşa Yokuşu, No: 9/4, Kabataş, Beyoğlu, İstanbul / Turkey (
  • Service Provider  (Instructor accepted to provide service to SAHARA Group)

SAHARA Group would like to make use of service provider for their training programs. Service Provider agrees that disclosure of information relating to business relation at any time or use of this information against SAHARA Group is considered as a breach of the duty and could be grounds for immediate terminate of the service and/or possible liability in any legal action arising from such breaches.

In consideration of the disclosure of information by SAHARA Group, Service Provider hereby agrees that all the information must remain confidential no matter in what way it has been provided. The scope of confidentiality covers the following:

  • Customers’ information (company name, address, contact person, telephone, electronic mail and so on)
  • All kinds of data (computer programs, statistics, company's material, records, customers files, technical documents, specific methods, forms of work)
  • Business volume, prepared projects, confidential prices/quotations or intellectual property rights (IPR) relating to the matters that belong to the service receiver's confidential information.

This information will not be disclosed to a 3rd party without the consent of SAHARA Group, whether it is for personal or commercial use, and should not be used by other people nor should it be transferred.

Service Provider will not get in touch with customer (to be participants or their companies) without prior consent of SAHARA Group. In each and every contact with customer, SAHARA Group management should always be CC'ed by Service Provider. Even customer themselves contact Service Provider for any occasion (to be business or personal messafge), Service Provider should immediately inform SAHARA Group management. 

Service Provider will not offer any personal/socializing help (including taking for tour/visit) without prior consent of SAHARA Group.

SAHARA Group has the right to terminate the Service Provider's contract in case of violation of this agreement and the Service Provider might be subject to penalty. This Agreement constitutes the understanding between the Parties relating to the subject matter hereof. This document is subject to changes by time as needed. So, please check our website for the latest version of this agreement on the date of agreeing on each service occasion