The rate of instructors is based on various factors such as:

  • Specialization (the most important factor),
  • Number of participants:
    • 1-3   pax = 1.0 X (Assume X is a certain amount agreed for  1/single person)
    • 4-6   pax = 1.5 X
    • 7-9   pax = 2.0 X
    • >10  pax based on negoation.
  • Program duration of the program (longer periods are expected to be cheaper),
  • Daily schedule  half-day (09:00-13:00, default) or full-day (09:00-17:00)

Instructors expected read this page and agree exact rates BEFORE any commitment. Also, NO other expenses (accommodation, flight, transfer, food)  are given (unless otherwise clearly agreed and understood by both parties)...

Each instructor is expected to prepare his/her own material for delivery. No extra payment will be made for the material preparation. However, advance payment may be considered for the sake of commitment (for those who get engaged for the first time)