1 - What are your training/teaching hours?
2 - Which day training programs start?
3 - What are the office working days?
4 - What are office working hours?
5 - What is your working hours in Ramadhan
6 - In which languages do you conduct your training courses?
7 - What are joining instructions?
8 - Are all course limited to 5 days?
9 - Are the courses provided only in Istanbul?
10 - Does the individual price on single registration equal the rate for a single trainee in a group?
11 - What does the course fee cover?
12 - Do all instructors come from Turkey?
13 - Do you accept/utilize instructors from outside Turkey?
14 - Is the course venue close to the accommodation location?
15 - Do you assist in booking hotel rooms?
16 - Are your services limited to the courses you have listed on your website?
17 - What are the stages of registering for a training course?
18 - Are there any financial commitments on my side resulting from filling out a "Registration Request Form"?
19 - Do you provide tours during the courses?
20 - Do you assist in sending invitation letters for visa applications?
21 - What other services does SAHARA Group provide?
22 - How can we reach your staff when we arrive at the airport?
23 - Can you conduct courses for small groups?
24 - Do you have any FREE courses?
25 - Do you accept students for coop summer training?